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Russia should use its influence on Pak. Taliban for regional stability

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Since beginning of his fresh mission as the envoy of the US secretary of state in peace affairs, Khalilzad promoted his compressive meetings with the authorities of Pakistan, Qatar, Taliban and government of Afghanistan.
So far, Khalilzad said nothing about the details of these meetings.
Based on the same, irrespective of unofficial information, so far, nothing has been available about exact details of meetings and developments of negotiations.
In a rare measure, Taliban confirmed meeting of their representatives with Kahlilzad in Qatar.
The agenda of this meeting was the knowhow of withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan.
The High Peace Council of Afghanistan has said that Taliban are not authorized to discuss the issue of withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan alone, but all people of Afghanistan should take decision in the connection.
Deputy of the council, Atawullah Salim in a briefing with Tolo News has stated that in peace negotiation with Taliban, Washington should consider the permanent peace and stability in Afghanistan.
Withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan is one of the issues that after ensuring stability and security in Afghanistan and ending of war, discuss about through national consensus.
The weak stance of government within recent ten years for drawing-up of Taliban from war front to negotiating table borne reversed result and caused the security institutions and local government to ignore the re-enforcement of this group with carelessness, and through this, even paved the way for increment of power of Taliban.
Comparing of Taliban attacks and their fiefdom in recent ten years clearly showed their growth in Afghanistan.
Chief of senate says that the developments stem from Khalilzad efforts in connection with peace is a matter of hopefulness.
With utility from ground reality, government should take in its hand a policy that not to be sensitively for regional countries and bring further coordination with coming of Khalilzad and his inclusion in peace process as the US believed on him, the people are also optimist in this respect.
So, we believe such moves would have achievements behind.
First deputy of senate has asserted that peace with Taliban should cover all Afghanistan and take place with international guarantee so that war be ended in Afghanistan forever and durable peace be maintained.
All political parties inside the country as well as regional and world nations to know their interests are maintained in this process.
The special representative of the US secretary of state for peace process of Afghanistan began his fresh mission.
Within the very days of his mission, Khalilzad visited Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and met with them in connection with peace of government of Afghanistan with Taliban, these considerations are reflecting in a time that Chief Executive of Afghanistan in margin of Shangai summit held in Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan, in a meeting with journalists of central Asian countries and Russia said that in Moscow peace meeting, representatives of a number of regional countries and world along with representatives of Taliban were invited.
Invitation of Taliban beside delegations of world nations was unacceptable for Afghan government. Because, the national sovereignty of Afghanistan was bringing under question.
In the Sept. 4, Russia invited the regional and world nations for attending in peace negotiations in Moscow. But, after the demand of Kabul, the meeting postponed for unknown time.
Russia should use its influence on Pakistan and relation with Taliban in maintaining of peace in Afghanistan. Because, those groupings are fighting with Afghanistan to day, have trans Afghanistan goals and threatens central Asia and Caucasus.
In front line of war on terror, Afghans are the victim of this war. The regional countries should comprehend the issue.
No doubt, the relations of Russian Federation with different countries are different comparing ten years, but we have no impact on it and do nothing on its changing.
Previously, the Russian Federation had good role in war on terror in Afghanistan and supported Afghanistan in its resistance against Taliban and terrorism and today, we have such expectation from Moscow.
Taliban has no friendship with any country, on the other, the regional terrorism are training by Taliban and fight with Afghanistan.
Terrorists of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and other central Asian countries are fighting beside Taliban and Daesh in Afghanistan and we always shared our information with central Asian countries.
With benefiting of conditions created by Taliban, Daesh influenced in Afghanistan. We lay emphasize that the central Asian countries should know that Daesh is a serious threat for Afghanistan and region. Majority of these fighters are non-Afghan.
The demand of Afghanistan from great and regional countries is this to exert pressure on Taliban so that the latter to enter into peace negotiation with government of Afghanistan.
If the involved countries not to attend in peace negotiation, and the regional and international consensus not to promote peace process, reaching to this goal is impossible, the process that should be Afghan owned and Afghan-led one.
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