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Rural females don’t know beating by husband is violence

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By: Daud Nejrabi

In the course of campaign for eradication of violence against women in Ghazni province, we face with different girls and women. Gender inequality seems in the treatment of a number of rural inhabitants.
A number of rural women regard any behave of men as violence and a number of others know nothing about violence before themselves.
In a sunny dawn, I went to one of remotest villages of Jaghori district to give awareness to its women. I faced with a lady that according to her, she spent all days till evening in farmland with a face polluted with dust. I was collecting leaves of trees for winter season.
As she says, great part of her days are elapsing in farmland. Sometimes, she brings her sheep to pastures and green hills and after returning to home she engages in home works and children to prepare meal.
Her name is Sakina and is 28 years old. Her face narrates about her adolescence, but says she has four sons.
She marriaged when she was 16 years old.
I explain to her about varieties of violence against women. What was interesting for me was this that she was believing that her husband is right to beat her and this behave of her husband is not violence.
Beside performing of works of home, instead of her husband, she is responsible before agriculture and cattle breeding as well.
She is satisfied with her life.
According to tradition of the village, she married in contradiction with her will and saw her husband in marriage night.
She added that in their village no consultation is taken place with girls about their marriages. Father, mother and brothers take decision in the connection.
She stated when my husband is saying some things to me and I refrain from its performance, he beats me as much as he wants.
I told her about her rights. She said do you know, when I was beaten and wanted to leave for my father’s home, no one hear my reason and additionally blame me, you play with our prestige. She stated, when a wife wanted to ask for divorce, before giving divorce she assassinated, by her father.
Despite of these, Sakina is not only the lady who is facing with varieties of violences, but there are numerous girls and women at this village that have no awareness about their rights.
Ms. Zarbakht is a 18 years old girl, she says when she was 7 she was desirous to go to school. But, her father didn’t permit her, while there were possibilities for her brothers in the connection.
She says her brethren all are literate and are going to school, when, someone speak about literacy and school, she was shocked with tears that why she is deprived from going to school.
According to her, her father recommended that you should shoulder her mother in homeworks.
Like Sakina and Zarbakht, there are hundreds girls who are the victims of violence in Ghazni province. According to figures of the UN, Afghanistan is from among those countries that the data of violence against women is in its high peak.
Considering the Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan, comparing last year, violence against women has increased in current year about 8 percent.
According to this report, family is the most insecure place for women.
So, based on the same, annually, the UN allotted 16-day for campaign on elimination of violence against women.
This campaign is promoted in all parts of the country.
In campaign of current year on violence against women, in Jaghori district of Ghazni province, a number of men and women with orange veils went to populated areas such as hospitals, schools, bazaars and houses to discuss about inequality of rights of men with women, varieties of violences such as beating, gender inequality and physical and moral violences against women.
Those who launched such campaigns regard holding of such campaigns useful for reduction of violence against women and say that only via giving awareness to people, we can reduce the level of violence against women.
According to the figures released by Human Rights Independent Commission within recent elven months about 22 cases of violence against women are registered in Ghazni province. This is in a time that because of non awareness of women of this province from their rights, majority of cases of violence against women are not registered in the judicial organs or human rights centers.

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