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Rule of law, mass mobilization; only option to root out corruption

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Corruption is considered as a phenomenon that can challenge developments in Afghanistan; therefore, all national and international organizations should be mobilized to root out this phenomenon from this land. Besides, rule of law and maintaining of justice are considered as the only mechanism and effective way for rooting out this phenomenon.
Although Afghanistan government has made continued effort to rooting out corruption and is committed to fighting this phenomenon, it is believed that seriousness in implementation of laws and addressing cases of individuals involved or accused of corruption can help the government to effectively root out corruption in the country.
In is recent speech, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said that Afghanistan government is committed to fighting corruption as there is a strong will and determination for fighting corruption and a national strategy has been planned to root it out.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghan political experts say the only and foremost principle in connection with fighting corruption is the rule of law and maintaining justice in the country.
“Continued activity of judicial center, national strategy for fighting corruption, overseeing counter corruption process and necessary political support from anti-corruption organizations are all a range of steps that can result in good consequences,” said Mohammad Hashimi, a university lecturer and political expert.
He stressed that the people of Afghanistan wanted to see strong and resolute determination in leadership of the government for rooting out corruption in the country.
He believes that lack of rule of law, economic crisis, low investment, escaping of youth from country and reduction in foreign assistance are a range of things that help increase corruption in the country, but resolute determination for fighting corruption can safe Afghanistan from current crisis.
According to political experts, counter corruption effort can be effective only if anti-corruption organizations work seriously, implement rule of law and fairly implement the punishment and rewards culture in the country.
Meanwhile, members of Afghanistan parliament while considering steps taken towards fighting corruption as insufficient are stressing that the government leadership should make continued effort to gain the people and international community’s trust.
“Although lots of steps have been taken towards rooting out corruption in recent years, unfortunately Afghanistan is still one of the corrupt countries in the world and what important for the people is that anti-corruption and judicial organs should finalize and process cases of criminals and individuals involved or accused of corruption and share them with media and the people,” said Ramazan Bashardost, a parliament member.
He said that rooting out corruption could not be possible in one or two days, asking national and international organizations as well as the people to cooperate with the government in fighting this phenomenon.
Saifuddin Saihoon, a university lecturer, believes that the country’s President should first oversee all judicial organs of the country, find roots and causes of increasing corruption in government institutions and work closely with relevant organs to bring further reforms in government institutions.
It is worth mentioning that various organizations have been created for fighting corruption in the past 19 years, but no government organizations have been able to introduce powerful figures and individuals involved or accused of corruption to judicial organs so far.

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