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Role of media in parliamentary elections of Afghanistan

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Media has a determined role in parliamentary elections and leading public opinion towards polling stations.
Mechanism and participation of people for determination of their destiny and going to voting boxes is vital for a democratic system.
No doubt, media plays its role also in making clear of humane identity and determining of methods of life and on the other, in present world, media is necessary for collective identity.
It seems that sans media, living under a modern system is impossible. Based on the same, role of media is clear in increment of participation of people in presidential, parliamentary and provincial councils elections.
Another important point in connection with media is mass participation of people and leading of public opinion towards election process.
Now, the disturbance is this that how this participation be maintained as collectively.
Media can play its role as impartial and committed to accepted laws and can instruct people towards implementation of programs in election process.
Independent act of media and keeping impartiality regarding candidates is a must. The media can only publish and broadcast the programs of candidates for awaring of people.
Supporting of special candidates causes the pessimism of people. So, it is necessary the media to keep their impartiality before candidates. Based on the same, it is very important.
One of media activists says that in any election process if media play its role as impartial it would be effective. Via introducing of better candidate, media can adopt measures for giving awareness to public opinion of different strata of the society.
No doubt, the analysis, reports even interviews that are releasing via mass media, agencies and audiovisual has their own role in giving awareness to the people.
Media should prevent from empty slogans chanted by candidates especially by local media.
This would have important impact in election process.
Media has undeniable role in leading of public opinion.
A religious scholar, Mohammad Ali Sadr in the connection said to The Kabul Times that emphasize should be laid on impartiality in regard with parties in election is very important for a transparent election.
Sadr added that after ending of election process, the media also should play its pivotal role in realization of slogans and promises pledged by candidates during electoral campaign. Because, media representing from public opinion.
One of citizens Ms. Hussaini says that media also can introduce the pious and people’s figures from among candidates to the people as well as cricize as just the action of in-charges concerned so that the people be realist within election process and they not to be hunted by wrong propagations. In such away, if giving awareness not to be implemented as correctly, it would have bad achievement behind.
She added that in their publications, media should establish convergence in government.
One of Kabul citizens, Sayed Mahboob Hashemi told The Kabul Times reporter that one of duties of media is giving assurance to people about legal process of elections and journalists should enhance the awareness of people in connection with this political process.
As a main factor, media has its important role in encouragement of people towards election process and convince people to attend in this political and democratic process Hashemi asserted that media can strengthen and expand the culture of democracy. Because, beside its role in maintaining security, the election process causes the enhancement of people’s demands in various fields of economic, social and politics.
Before and after elections, media plays its important role and presence of large number of people in the process causes the political healthy epic. Because, with timely reflection of information as suitable and making transparent, the process of election takes place in a good manner and people’s trust be built.
Student in faculty of journalism of Kabul university, Farida Danesh hinting to the role of media in election process said that journalist should be committed to morale principles and also should be honest, benevolent and wise and be a good penman and remain impartial in reflection of the process. Vast participation of people in election process is the achievement of efforts made by mass media.
In any locality, media should publish its issues in the frame of its time and in collaboration of in-charges concerned and people, the media should make effort the process to be implemented in a good manner.
Masouda Qarizada

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