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Role of Afghan women soldiers in restoration of security

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By: Shukria Kohistani

Although in current circumstances being a soldier is difficult for women in Afghanistan, but despite of that there are a number of heroin women soldiers who curry out jobs in ensuring security of the country.
Asema is one of these brave women soldiers employed by Headquarter of the Ministry of Interior security unit. In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, she said: “I congratulate the soldier day to my all fellow colleagues and I hope all of them would indefatigably carryout their jobs for ensuring security of our people.
Expressing love for her job, she said: I am honest to my job. Everyday half an hour earlier I attend job and continue half an hour later than the official time. I am proud to carryout jobs shoulder to shoulder with my brothers for protection of the country. Answering a question on how long she has been working with Afghan National Police (ANP), she said: nine years now, I have been working with ANP along with seven other women in 9CP in Kabul.
Answering another question, have she ever faced a suspicious incident in the ministry? She replied yes. A woman wanted to enter the Headquarter with a pistol but we noticed and prevented him, because no one is allowed to carry weapon inside a military compound.
KT: How it’s difficult to you to be a soldier in this sensitive condition?
Asema: no doubt it’s very difficult for females to be a soldier but I love military job and want to serve my homeland in this way I don’t fear.
KT: Does people react during check and searching?
Asema: I kindly request our people particularly females to cooperate with us and don’t react during our job.
Talking on daily challenges the soldier women facing with, she said: When we walk outside with military uniform on the roads and streets, we are harassed and we can’t appear at the public in uniform with freedom. We ask the people to avoid our disturbing and violence.
Talking on her regular monthly salary, she said: my monthly payment is Afs 12000 plus Afs 45000 additional payment per year. Our contract with Ministry of Interior is renewed every three year voluntarily. During renewal of contract Afs 3000 is paid by MoI to women soldiers. Every six months uniform and other equipment are given by MoI to soldiers. Asema is a widow with 7 innocent children. She ask MoI to develop literacy courses for female ANP.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.