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Rising violence could only be overcome with coordination

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In the latest attack on a vehicle carrying a number of civil workers, four people including one female journalist were martyred and scores others wounded. The incident happened in a vicinity west of the capital Kabul, after a coaster-type van was blown up by explosive ordinance, martyring three women, including a former media-woman and a child and wounding at least 13 onboard. In the country’s northern Baghlan province, many; all civilians were killed or wounded, following a deadly blast targeting a university vehicle.
Other parts of the country are also insecure, and the people, mostly civilians are still facing intensified war and serious violence.
The live of the entire people of Afghanistan – either in the cities or remote areas – are facing danger. They are fed up with so long war and violence and witnessing the death of their dear ones and distraction of their homes during bombing and targeted attacks on a daily basis.
Nowadays, no one or group is claiming the incidents even in many cases, Taliban; the key anti-government group condemns the bloodshed. But what should be done and who should be taken responsible for the growing explosions and targeting civilians. The country’s First Vice-President has repeatedly said that the Taliban group was in collaboration with al-Qaeda and ISIS or Daesh and other terrorist groups.
They are coordinating armed attacks on the country’s security forces and the government high-ranking officials, launching targeted attacks on journalists, particularly female media persons and even sparing no effort to kill religious scholars or destroying worship and sacred places. In numerous intelligence and police search operations, scores of Taliban and ISIS militants were arrested and following full and exact investigations, they were found interlinked with each other and coordinated in wide-ranges of bombings and targeted murders against the people of Afghanistan, countrywide. They, both were behind attacks on journalists as confirmed in Jalalabad, Ghazni, Kunduz, Mazar-e-Sharif and other major cities of the country.
But the brutal militants have changed their policy; one committing a crime and the other claiming or neither confirming or sometimes, both keeping quiet, in order to deceive the public minds of the Afghan people and the international community. So there is a need for full coordination between the people and the security agencies in order to prevent any terrorist activities and help the people live peacefully.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.