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Returnees should be provided with essential facilities


The political and security situation in Afghanistan has forced millions of Afghans to leave their land and move to other countries to get refuge. These Afghans have lived in the neighboring countries because of the civil wars and severe social and economic conditions in the last four decades in their own country.
Pakistan and Iran are the two prominent countries where most of the Afghans have moved and are finding ways to survive there. Though the end of Taliban regime and the developments being made in the country have convinced several to return to their country, but yetmillions of others still living in these countries, since they have started to establish their families and businesses there.
Meanwhile conflicts in a number of the provinces of the country has forced many people to be internally displaced and move to major cities.
But recent sanctions on Iran and Pakistan and economic challenges in the two neighboring countries have forced again these refugees to return back to their country.More than 650,000 Afghan refugees have repatriated from Iran and Pakistan this year, the International Organization of Migration (IOM) said on Friday.
From Pakistan 27,375 and from Iran 630,283 refugees have returned to Afghanistan since the beginning of 2018, the IOM said in a statement. It added, last week 16,426 Afghans have returned from Iran out of them 7,130 were deported.
According to the IOM necessary assistance had been provided to two percent repatriated individuals from Iran and 59 percent repatriated individuals from Pakistan.About the Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs), the IOM said 225,250 people had been displaced from the western zone of the country due to the drought situation.
Unfortunately, in the neighboring countries, Afghan refugees have not always been welcomed with warm hugs; every now and then they have been the victims of discrimination and ill-treatment. Most of the Afghan refugees in the neighboring countries, especially in Iran and Pakistan have suffered the consequences of fluctuations in the way they are treated.
Since they are now returning to their homeland, generating more employment opportunities is the key for convincing many of the Afghans to stay and pursue opportunities that would exist in the country. They are needed to be provided with essential facilities so that keep them in their own society and help rebuild their beloved Afghanistan.
Moreover, Afghanistan does not stand on its own as far as the economic stability and security are concerned. Therefore, a lot more assistance would be needed from the regional powers and international community to help them settle in their own country as they have been through many difficulties in their lives as refugees.
Ministry of Refugee and Repatriation in close coordination with IOM and other international organizations is working to help the returnees and provide them the essential upon their returning. But long-term goals and plans needed to help them settle back in their country and start their businesses or provide them the employment opportunities. Since they have suffered the most and somehow used for proxy wars by the neighboring countries, it is the time that they must be provided a safe and sound environment and the life of their children should be guaranteed.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.