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Returned historical artifacts taken to National Museum, official


By: Karima Malikzada

KABUL: As media reported hundreds of the country’s historical artifacts have been recently returned to the country or prevented to be smuggled abroad.
Many of them seized at the Airport and taken to the National Museum of Afghanistan (NMA) as Yahya Muhibzada, the Deputy Director of National Museum told The Kabul Times that some of the historical objects has been seized from smugglers at the airport while many others from various customhouses of the country.
“All of them have been safely returned and placed at the national museum,” he assured.
According to him, some of the seized relics have been golden and bronze coins dating back to the Greek of Bakhtar or Western Greece, the Kushans and Islamic eras, said the official adding over 500 historical objects have recently been returned to the country.
“Some of the artifacts are seized from smugglers at the airport, customhouses and other port and border areas, by the personnel of the country’s National Directorarte of Security (NDS) in cooperation with a professional official of the National Museum of Afghanistan, while many others are returned from other countries,” Muhibzada said.
He added that 17 artifacts mostly earthenware and clay pots belonging to the Islamic (Ghaznavid) era.
In Hong Kong, according to him, a man has reportedly purchased an Afghanistan related historical object, but during the exhibition of the country’s historical artifacts, the artifact has been recognized to have been smuggled from Afghanistan. “The man promised to return it to the country; and he did so.”
Most of the country’s historical relics are being illegally unearthed and taken outside of the country, by illegally excavations of irresponsible people. He thanked the security forces of the country, particularly the NDS personnel to have been dedicated for seizing most of the historical relics from smugglers in various parts of the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.