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‘Retreating plan of Afghan forces from remote areas to help insurgents increase activities’

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US President Donald Trump has recently urged Afghan security forces to retreat from sparsely populated areas of the country. But, military experts believe that this will further provide facilities to armed insurgents to increase their activities in remotes areas of the country.
Afghanistan Ministry of Defense (MoD) has also said that plans were underway that the country’s defense and security forces would retreat from sparsely populated areas and deployed in key strategic areas of the country.
“Based on the program planned previously, Afghan national defense and security forces are retreating from sparsely populated areas of the country to avoid casualties and strengthen operation capabilities in key strategic and populated areas,” acting spokesperson to MoD Gen. Mohammad Radmanish said.
According to Gen. Radmanish, the process of retreating of Afghan security forces from the most sparsely populated areas has started and currently Afghan troops are retreating from very remote areas in Paktia, Ghazni, Ghor, Farah and some other provinces of the countries.
A number of representatives of people in parliament and military experts in their interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent considered the US new plan in connection with retreating of Afghan security forces from sparsely populated areas of the country as unbeneficial to Afghanistan.
“The US new plan is not in the benefit of Afghanistan as the step is showing their support from the Taliban group because those who are living in remote areas are also Afghans and the Taliban group and Daesh should know that they cannot change these areas as their safe havens,” an Afghan military expert Atiqullah Amarkhil said.
He added that Afghan national defense and security forces should have overall preparations for protection of all provinces because a minor neglect could have horrible consequences.
An ANA former office Amanullah Safi believes that retreating plan of Afghan security forces form sparsely populated and remote areas of the country means that we surrender our people living in remotes areas to the enemy and give their human rights to the hands of them.
“Experiences have shown if security forces retreat from some areas, chances are paved for enemies to infiltrate and further increase their activities; therefore, the plan is harmful and the US should review its strategy in connection with retreating of Afghan forces from remote areas of the country,” Safi added.
Lower House of parliament by considering that maintaining security of all Afghan citizens is the responsibility of the government says it is not good to cede a village because of having little population to the Taliban or Daesh and deprive them from all concessions, which is against human rights conventions.
A number of members of provincial council for some provinces have also criticized the plan considered it against human rights.
“Abandoning people into a situation where there is no respect for them is a violation of human rights,” said Mohammad Karim Attal, a member of the Helmand Provincial Council. “This might be the weakest point of the government that does not provide security and access to their people’s problems.”
The US new plan was declared after US officials and members of the Taliban group admitted they had face to face meeting in Qatar.
Suraya Raiszada

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