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Restoration of peace, stability in interests of regional, neighboring countries

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We appreciate every step taken by every group, body, regional or the world countries for restoration of peace in our homeland. What this fed up people of war are seeking for, is leaving conflicts and restoration of peace in our society. This step or these steps should result in creation of coordination and agreement among warring factions and enable them to reach an acceptable accord.
Al-qaeda, Taliban, ISIL and other irresponsible armed groups in every corner of the country are trying to devastate our assets. So if even a slight procrastination takes place in war on regional and global terrorism by the world countries, they would not be secure from this potential threat. The fire in which today our innocent people are burning and suffer from destruction of their homeland, may tomorrow affect them. Therefore each one of these countries are seeking a roadmap to reach peace or fight this nasty phenomenon of terrorism.
Afghanistan security situations are critical. War on terror is a friendly phrase for a country that is blazing in the flames of an over 40 years fire and its ashes is a source of rivalry in the wake of thousands-thousands killed and millions vagabond and refugees either by rulers with rude and unipivotal policies or by opportunist regional and global powers.
Economic stagnancy has impacted the country plus increasing insecurities in major parts of the country and targeted our innocent children, youth, unemployed and poverty-hit people who are fed up with war.
Taliban and other terror groups have been ruling vast areas of the country and fund their militants with propaganda and temptation of money. The 40 years long devastating conflict and war on terror despite of being led by the west mainly the US not only didn’t result in elimination of terrorism but caused emergence of big problems. Now financial and military powers fund terrorists.
At national, regional and universal levels, the neighboring countries have common interests, goals and visions and each one can play important role in this direction. Unique opportunities include common political-economic future and regional peace, stability and development and they should be sagaciously exploited.
Afghanistan geo-political location should be realized through which we can improve regional cooperations. For this purpose certain mechanisms should be created and developed. Current war is on the location of Afghanistan and in this connection regional and global consensus is very important. Dialogue of opportunities should be created among neighboring and regional countries. Instead of confronting policies, atmosphere of cooperation and economic development should be established.
Following the release of the US new strategy for South Asia, Washington has been exerting further pressure on Islamabad to force Pakistani authorities to serious and indiscriminate war on all terrorist groups sheltered in Pakistan. The Afghan rulers must know that what practical issues of cooperation still exist between Afghanistan and Pakistan despite of all available challenges. If Pakistan sincerely give up support of terrorists or make efforts to draw Taliban to negotiation table, she should believe that Kabul has already been declined to improve bilateral relations.
There are plenty of contexts in all spheres particularly socio, economic, political, security and cultural fields. Terrorism is the main topic between the two countries and both are apparently suffering of presence of terror groups in their terrorists.
If essential political determination exists for improvement and expansion of bilateral relations, solutions could be found for most of disputes. It should not be forgotten that Afghanistan has signed a security agreement with the US. Although apparently Pakistan has no disagreement with this treaty but in nature not only Pakistan but Iran, Russia and some other countries have no positive attitude with presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan.
Presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan is an objective need until self-sufficiency of ANSF to fight alone a sinister phenomenon which are exploited by governments, criminal and disobedient non-governmental players under the cover of religion, ideology to disturb current situation and devastate global order based on national governments and achieve their radical goals using blind violence which is not allowed in all religions.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.