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Restoration of peace flourishes music learning

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By: Karima Malikzada

The art of music has been common among the Afghan people for long times and at present beside men, large number of women and youth have turned to the art of music. All these art lovers are thirsty of nationwide reliable peace to promote their art works.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, Fazila Zamir instructor of Rubab (An Afghani musical instrument) at the Music Department of the Ministry of Information and Culture said, at present the situation of art was improving in Afghanistan and few related bodies including Music Department, National Music Institute and Kabul University were involved in this field to teach music to children, youth and teenagers if peace prevails.

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She added, the peace agreement of US-Taliban was an alarming issue for art in general and for music learning in particular. “If peace related problems are not settled in Afghanistan, we would not manage to promote and continue our artistic activities and the recent development and achievements of music and art in Afghanistan would be eliminated,” she believes.
Touching the female artists, Fazila Zamir said: “In the past no attention was invited to female musicians due to male dominated society and culture. Beside that, absolute music instructors were males and females didn’t dare to learn music under a male instructor. If a girl or lady wanted to learn music, she was insulted or threatened by traditional society or their families. So they were never ready to learn music,” she added, saying that she was personally very happy that learned music and now teach it to other ladies and girls. “And now ladies don’t have to learn music from male musicians.”
She went on to say, in the past they had very qualified musicians but due to devastating conflict, majority of them left the country or died. “The rest of our musicians who are living inside, have economic problems and don’t manage to promote their skills,” she added.
Talking on the US-Taliban peace agreement, Zamir said: “Everybody likes peace and living in peace. We want an everlasting and reliable peace be restored in our homeland. If the agreement partners preserve our values and don’t prevent them and let the arts to be developed it would be appreciated. Otherwise it would not be acceptable to me and other women.”
She asked the Afghan government and the international community not to victimize women for their private interests because according to her, women have suffered extensively in the past several decades. “Way should be paved for them to learn their favorite profession. War is enough, our people are fed up with war. All Afghans want reliable peace.”
Peace should be restored between Taliban and Afghan government. Killing should be concluded and the Afghan people spend the rest of life in peace, shed added.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.