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Resignation usual among a system officials

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Mohammad Hanif Atmar has recently presented his resignation letter to the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, to step down from his post as the country’s National Security Advisor (NSA).
The president accepted the resignation letter, but didn’t approve the resignation of the three top security officials and instructed them for doing better during their responsibilities, to lead the country towards stability by cracking down on militants and the enemies of the country.
However, Mr. Atmar, during his tenure as the country’s national security adviser, tried his best to pave the way for peace talks with the government armed oppositions, particularly the Taliban militants, but resigned by his own will and some reports by media about the resignation of the remaining top security officials was only a rumor.
The rejection of resignation letters of the ministers of defense, interior and head of national directorate for security by the presidential office indicates that some media are prejudging about an unknown issue.
In contradiction with journalism norms, they spreading rumors and releasing unconfirmed reports that needed to be probed and focused, prior to be publicized.
On the other, Mr. Atmar who didn’t want to continue his job as the national security advisor, has reportedly called the main reasons behind his resignation differences over various policies, including peace, security, good governance, elections, regional and international matters with the government leadership, something doesn’t deserve to be used by a politician with years of experiences in a system leadership.
Anyone has to acknowledge his/her failure and if wanted to reform a system, they should make effort to helping bring reforms, when within the system, but after being fired or giving resign, all criticisms would go in vain.
Ambassador to the United States, Hamdullah Muheb who is an expert in politics, has been replaced with Atmar, a plan could clearly highlight the values of a democratic system.
The country’s experienced diplomat, during his tenure, has focused on reflecting Afghanistan’s new realities as a young democracy moving steadily towards prosperity and peace as a result of the social change and institutional development that has taken place over the past 16 years.
So, this is up to the government to appoint or dismiss any of the government official, considering their hard work, eligibility and competency on one hand and their failure and incompetency on the other.
On the people turn, they should remain supporting the government and its effort for peace and stability in the country and taking part in the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections, as no system could go ahead without the people support.

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