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Republic system considered as redline for talks with Taliban


By: Suraya Raiszada

Following starting intra-Afghan talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban in Doha, concerns over what will be the next political system in the country have raised recently.
A number of Afghan political experts and government officials believe that all should be mobilized for the protection of the republic system and consider protection of the republic as redline for talks with the Taliban group.

Afghanistan people do not have good experience from Taliban regime and do not want to go back; therefore, all political parties, civil society organizations and the people should give hands to not let anybody change the political system in the country.
They are asking the government to make a strategy for protection of the current political system or pave the way for all political parties to take part in codification of the strategy and fulfill their responsibility in this regard.
Previously, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had said that no power could change the essence of the political system and constitution of Afghanistan. This remark of the country’s President has proved that the government also considers the republic system as redline for talks with the Taliban group.
As peace talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban negotiating teams are underway in Qatar, it is the responsibility of all to give hand in defending the republic system. Based on recent survey, the majority of Afghanistan people want the republic system rather than Emirate-e-Islami of Taliban. Experiences have shown that any complicated and hidden prescription for Afghanistan in other countries would not give result as all the people want consolidation of current political system.
Afghan political experts believe that any decision if made on changing the current republic system beyond Afghanistan borders won’t help maintain security and stability as our people have sufficient experiences regarding the previous systems. Meanwhile, Afghan lawmakers believe that the current political system has allowed the country’s politicians to participate in presidential elections. Besides, the republic system has caused that all political parties with different visions are peacefully present.
“We all know this no program will be implemented in a right way in absence of the republic system and it is the republic system through which all national process as peace process, elections, security and economic development can be possible to happen,” said Azimi, an Afghan lawmaker.
He stressed that if the current republic system could not bring peace to the country, no other political systems could bring it as the people of Afghanistan have experienced all other political systems.
A civil society activist Mehr Afzoon says the republic system has provided very good opportunities for the people in particular the women as women currently have active role in all sectors; therefore, we should all support protection of the republic system in the country.
This comes after intra-Afghan talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban negotiating teams began on 12 September in Qatar. Currently, all the people, political parties and Afghanistan government are insisting on protection of the republic system in talks with the Taliban group.

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