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Republic should be put as redline of Afghanistan people, experts


By: Suraya Raiszada

As intra-Afghan talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban began in Doha the other day, Afghans started to concern over future political system of their country as there are fears that no other system should replace the republic and this should be put as redline of Afghan people.
As efforts are underway beyond Afghanistan borders for maintaining peace in the country, concerns over future political system have raised among the people. A number of Afghan political experts believe that no other systems are acceptable except the republic.

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According to Afghan political experts, Afghanistan government should draw a strategy for the protection of the republic or pave the way for political forces to take part in codification of the system so that all perceive their responsibility for protection of a single system.
They are stressing that all have the responsibility to mobilize in defending the republic. Based on recent surveys conducted by precious organizations, the republic system is considered as redline for the people of Afghanistan.
“The republic system has been able to provide good opportunities to all the people in particular women as women are now active in all fields; therefore, it is good to support the protection of the republic system,” said Jamal Farahmand, an Afghan political expert and member of civil society.
He added that Afghanistan government has made continued efforts towards maintaining peace in the country, asking the country’s elite and political figures not to boycott the process; instead, they should closely work with the government in bringing peace to the war-battered country.
Experiences in the history of Afghanistan have shown that hidden and perplexed program implemented beyond borders or other countries give no results; therefore, all are asked to work for the consolidation of the republic system in the country.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in his recent remarks has said that there is need for continuation of the republic system and replacement of the system won’t be acceptable. He believes that protection of the republic system and political settlement in which all take part is one of the top priorities of the government it would be fulfilled.
Afghan lawmakers also believe that this republic type of government has allowed politicians to take part in presidential elections, adding that the system has caused that opponent political forces work peacefully beside each other.
“We know that in lack of a system no programs in particular national processes as peace process, elections, security and economic will be implemented; therefore, the existence of the republic system is necessary for the implementation of all such programs in the country,” said Azimi, an Afghan lawmaker.
He stressed that no other system would be able to bring stability to the country, except the republic as the people of Afghanistan have experienced various systems and regimes in the past 40 years.
According to Afghan political experts, any decision taken beyond Afghanistan border on changing of the system and government will not resolve the ongoing dispute as the people have experienced the previous regimes and systems.

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