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Replacement of senior officials and priority of ensuring security

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What caused the resignation of NSA to be accepted were certain shortages and failures in leadership of security bodies and problems in relevant process of ensuring security of the people and country.
Deteriorating security situation in some provinces including influence of Taliban into Ghazni and setting ablaze of government offices, commercial markets, media buildings, killing and wounding of hundreds ANSF forces and civilians, expansion of terrorist attacks particularly in the capital and rocket assaults during Eid days on certain targets like presidential headquarters and other parts could be the main reasons behind the NSA resignation.
All these incidents and events have removed certain unpleasant security situation in the country and unveiled ground realities. They showed that Taliban and other terrorists exploiting current circumstances, are intending to intensify their attacks on public and private targets in big cities and plan to invite local and global media public attention and opinions to themselves and improve their position in upcoming peace talks and show up their presence and effectiveness in present conditions on war and peace in Afghanistan to the universal community.
Despite of their efforts and endeavors, the ANSF failed to prevent terror attacks.
This issue caused certain concerns among public opinions and drew the attention of Afghan government senior authorities more than ever to the need to prioritize improvement of security system.
Although improvement of security have always been a top priority of the government and continued efforts have been made to achieve this goal but recent challenges caused damages to both private and public sectors and shocked senior security leaders.
It is generally believed that these are frank weaknesses at different levels of security leadership and their command and control networks that enabled the enemies to deeply penetrate into cities and inflict unimaginable damages and casualties.
One of the solutions could be replacement of security leaders with more qualified and skilled one. Government positions and serving opportunities are not permanent. Everybody who is more capable and skilled could be employed in these posts. The government is decisive to strongly improve these posts with employment of experienced and qualified people.
Capable individuals should be identified and deployed in these positions.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.