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Religious scholars want end of war, immediate ceasefire

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By: Suraya Raiszada

A number of religious scholars and civil activists of Kabul, Takhar, Badakhshan, Kunduz, Nangarhar and Laghman provinces ask Taliban and other terror groups to give up war and opt ceasefire and peace. They want the warring factions to put an end to war and killing people, start peace talks and restore peace and stability.
They say that continued wars and insecurities have caused divers problems therefore the Taliban should embark on the path of reconciliation. Mavlavi Mohammad Omar, preacher of Nabavi mosque said, stop of war and restoration of peace is the desire of Pan Afghans and is essential for all. Peace is a religious and Islamic issue and has been reiterated and emphasized in holy Quran.
He added, the Afghan people have been fed up with continued wars and their only and urgent dream is peace and end of war.
Afghanistan is common home of Pan Afghans. If the armed Taliban consider themselves Afghans, should give up war and refer to intra-Afghan peace.
Religious scholars and civil activists of Kunduz province ask Taliban to agree immediate ceasefire and peace talks. Continued war of Taliban lead the country backward and victimize civilians. Obaidullah from Kunduz said we ask Taliban to exploit the opportunity and start intra-Afghan peace talks.
religious scholars from Takhar said that continual wars have increased civilian casualties and caused delay of development projects. If Taliban continue war, people will be damaged economically. Taliban wars have devastated people peaceful life and force them to migrate to other territories.
Religious scholars from Nangarhar fed up with war and ask Taliban to agree ceasefire and don’t let their country to be destroyed further.
Mavlavi Jannat Gul from Sorkhroad district said, since four decades our people are burning in wars this is our obligation to ask opponents to joint peace process. Foreign interferences should be cut otherwise Afghanistan will not have access to peace. Religious scholars should issue anti-war verdict and beginning of ceasefire because current war is illegal and lacks Islamic reason.
Khoda Bakhsh Mohseni a member of Afghanistan Ulema Council said, no war is allowed in Islamic countries and suicide attacks and explosions are considered as great sins in Islam.
Mohseni added, support of ANSDF is obligation of all Afghans particularly religious scholars because they give more sacrifices for our security and must be always appreciated and supported. Religious scholars should provide awareness to people during their sermons on disadvantages of war.
Despite of nearly three decades of Taliban devastating insurgency in Afghanistan, religious scholars have failed to play a positive role to extinguish this flame.

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