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Religious scholars to Taliban: “War has no legitimacy, end violence”

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By: Suraya

KABUL: A number of religious scholars, civil society activists and Kabul citizens, in a demonstration called on the Taliban group to end violence and accelerate peace talks. They said war had no legitimacy as it only kill innocent civilians.
They also called for speeding up the peace process and ending violence and bloodshed as under the Islamic teachings, war between two Muslim parties has no legitimacy and the third side is needed to meddle and reconcile them.
“When two groups of Muslims are fighting, the Muslim nation has a responsibility to reconcile them,” said Abdul Basir Siddiqi, a religious scholar and a member of the gathering.
The rally come as representatives from the United States, China, Pakistan and Russia, at the end of Moscow International Conference, issued a joint statement saying they did not support the return of the Islamic Emirate to Afghanistan. The statement said the parties to the conflict should reduce violence, focus on key peace issues for peace, and called on the Taliban not to resume their spring offensives in order to prevent civilian casualties.
The Countrywide Council of Ulama has called suicide attacks and killings far from all religious teachings and orders and called on the opposition groups to join the peace process and stop the destruction of their country. Abdul Malik Ziaye, a member of the Ulama Council, touched to the attacks by the armed opposition groups, especially the Taliban and ISIS and said: “Under the Islamic teachings, there is no justification for the attacks on innocent civilians because they carry out their sinister plans on the orders of foreigners.”
“The fact that the Taliban are carrying out suicide and explosive attacks and killing our citizens is not permissible in the holy religion of Islam at any time because Islam is the religion of peace, brotherhood, equality and mutual acceptance, while the Taliban carry out attacks under the name of Islam and jihad,” he regretted. The attacks by the Taliban are planned outside the country and carried out in Afghanistan, he blamed. “Unfortunately, for more than three decades, the people of Afghanistan are under imposed and unintentional war,” said the religious scholar adding but the enemies of the Afghan people must know that no threat can devastate the pride our nation.
Pointing finger to the Pakistan, he warned: “Pakistanis must also realize that the continuing insecurity in Afghanistan will never be in their interest.”
“The government of Afghanistan proposes peace to the Taliban, but unfortunately the group responds with suicide bombings, while the government has always asked the Taliban to stop fighting and negotiate instead.
The only way to ensure peace in Afghanistan is through an intra-Afghan talks, said Ziaye suggesting a way to prevent Taliban attacks.
According to him, the Afghans have to find a way to their unknown destiny and have an understanding and consensus and the opposition groups should joint a negotiating table and express their words and demands in the language of understanding and brotherhood as the language of war could not win.

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