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Regional markets; an opportunity to Afghan traders

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The landlocked Afghanistan has to carryout commercial transactions with neighboring, European and Asian countries via land ports. In the past the neighboring countries according to both sides national interests had not created problem to Afghan side to inflict remarkable damage and our consignments had been transported and transited properly to their final destination.
In recent years due to closeness of Karachi and Waga ports in Pakistan, the Afghan businessmen have been endeavoring to export and import their goods through the above ports to and from other countries. Pakistan noticed that Afghan traders import high quality products from other countries and Pakistani low quality products remained in their warehouses and were not supplied and sold. Therefore she made different pretexts to make Afghan businessmen to purchase their low quality products. Pakistanis intended to supply Afghan high quality products in the name of Pakistan to global markets including Afghan peanut and carpets which enjoy universal reputation.
Our peanut is one of our most delicious dried fruits as China is its biggest buyer and Pakistan is its biggest exporter. Although in recent years different Pakistani authorities signed several protocols that they don’t create problem for Afghan merchandizes but in action they acted conversely and several times the Pakistani relevant authorities didn’t allow trucks of Afghan traders loaded with fresh fruits and dairy products etc that their expiration time is short, on both sides of the two countries ports.
Pakistan has always been using double standard policy and been making excuses. They exploit extensively they signed protocols during their fresh fruits season but during Afghanistan fresh fruit season violate these protocols and jeopardize interests of Afghan traders seriously that forced NUG leadership to seek alternative routes including Chabahar port and Lapis Lazuli road.
Presently, the NUG has undertaken a series of initiatives including opening of air corridors. The first air corridor was officially opened with India by Afghan president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and exploited through which forty tonnes medicinal herbs and other expensive goods at a cost of $ 5m were exported to India in an AAA cargo plane. Addressing a ceremony organized on this occasion, president Ghani said, “Today those who create crisis to us, should take a lesson that we change crisis to opportunity”.
Touching the closure of Spinboldak port last year, that caused plenty of damages to Afghan fresh fruit traders Ghani added, the goal of Afghan government leadership is this to change our homeland to an exporting country, poverty and instability be eliminated in our country.
The in-charge of Afghan-India air corridor project Siddiqulah Mujaddedi called the goal of this project promotion of trade level between the two countries and marginalizing creation of land trade obstacles. According to him, at present the level of trade between the two countries has reached about $ 500m and Afghanistan plans to develop it in few upcoming years considerably.
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