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Regional cooperation key in Afghanistan peace process


The issue of Afghanistan peace has changed to a hot topic in regional level. Head of High Peace Council secretariat Umar Daudzai has recently visited Iran, China and Pakistan.
On his two-day visit to Iran, Umar Daudzai met with Iranian foreign minister, national security advisor and deputy of the country’s national security advisor. The agenda of the HPC delegation to Iran was to seek the country’s support to Afghanistan peace process in particular direct talks between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group.
After visiting the Islamic Republic of Iran, head of the HPC secretariat said that there has been a positive change in the region regarding peace process in Afghanistan and regional countries have reached coordination.
In recent months, Iran has repeatedly declared that Tehran in coordination with Afghanistan government has held talks with the Taliban group. The respective country has also said that Afghanistan government is informed of the country’s contacts with the Taliban group and such contacts with the group will continue in close cooperation of Afghanistan government.
Before visiting Iran, head of HPC secretariat had visited China and Pakistan and met with high-ranking officials of the two countries.
On his three-day visit to China, head of secretariat for HPC sought Beijing’s help in encouraging Pakistan to bring the Taliban group to the negotiating table with Afghanistan government.
Daudzai had met the country’s foreign minister, China’s special representative for Afghanistan and other government and political representatives for talks on strengthening regional consensus for Afghanistan peace process.
As China is in good position in the region, it can play effective role in Afghanistan peace process. During the past history, China has played no negative role in Afghanistan issues; therefore, the country’s cooperation for maintaining peace and enduring development in Afghanistan is very important. Afghan political experts believe that China as neighboring country and strategic friend as well as one of supporters of the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process can play key role in maintaining peace in the country as China undoubtedly had influence on political and military administration of Pakistan. According to political experts, China should be convinced to seriously tell Islamabad to help Afghanistan government in maintaining peace in the country and stop harboring and supporting terrorist groups in its soil. The region in particular China knows that the real root of terrorism is in Pakistan. Currently, Afghanistan is in frontline of fighting terrorism and extremism. If the frontline is broken or made weaken, most of regional countries in particular China will become insecure. Meanwhile, head of HPC secretariat had also paid a visit to Pakistan and met with the country’s foreign affairs minister Shah Mehmoud Qureshi, leader of Pakistan Jamiat-e-Ulema and leader of the Awami National Party AsfandyarWali Khan. In meetings with Pakistani officials, it was agreed that Pakistan would take practical steps towards Afghanistan peace.
In his recent remarks, head of the HPC secretariat has said it was determined that the coming high peace consultative Jirga would be held on April 29 and attended by almost 2,000 delegates, 30 percent of the women to discuss the red lines and the roadmap for peace in the country.
Lailuma Noori

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