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Regional cooperation essential for Afghanistan’s peaceful future


The Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is primarily focused on the economic cooperation and political stability for the development of the country. Afghanistan has a collective approach in creating policies to work with the regional countries and that of the world in bringing peace, prosperity and friendly relations among themselves.
The Afghan government has a positive outlook to work with the regional countries Conferance on the development. Afghanistan is the member of the South Asia Association Regional Cooperation (SAARC), the Regional Economic Cooperation of Afghanistan (RECCA), the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), Heart of Asia and other regional and trans-regional associations.
Considering the geopolitical position of Afghanistan, the regional instability and tensions badly affecting the peace and stability in the war-torn country.
Answering an India media question on China-India border spat, the Afghan visiting national reconciliation council head Dr. Abdullah said tensions in the region had an impact on Afghanistan, given that New Delhi and Beijing were Kabul’s development partners.
Through regional cooperation Afghanistan aims to achieve the following objectives: improve trading opportunities; integrate itself with the regional rail and road networks; to be an important partner in regional energy markets; Eliminate narcotics trade; and Achieve Millennium Development Goals. Economic regional cooperation projects are set up to bring development through integration.
As the history of Afghanistan in general and current conflicts in Afghanistan in specific show, it has the potential to either stabilize or destabilize the whole region. Afghanistan’s allies are needed to either continue supporting Afghanistan to overcome the current conflicts to ensure a stable region; or not to support Afghanistan and thus put the region at the verge of conflict and instability.
President Ghani has time and again emphasized on regional cooperation and connectivity to improve the livelihood of people and bring about lasting peace to the country and the whole region. The Afghan leaders have traveled to many regional countries, to attract support for the Afghan-led peace talks. Afghans and the country’s leaders believe that only a stable and prosperous Afghanistan can help bring stability to the region.
Since the conflict of Afghanistan has multiple causes, it requires all the participants, especially the regional actors to have a clear vision and commitment to ensure Peace and security in Afghanistan. They are needed to put aside their hostilities and disputes on Afghanistan and work together with Afghan government for realizing the Afghan people’s dream of peace in the country.
Pakistan, India, China, Iran and Central Asian countries’ peaceful approach not only creates synergy among the regional countries but reinforce the international commitment to the Peace Process in Afghanistan.
Peace is one of the issues that almost any Afghan wishes to be restored in the country. Decades of war and insecurity coupled with weak social cohesion have added to the complication of the peace process in Afghanistan; Now, Afghanistan needs more than any other time to an Afghan-led mechanism to end its conflicts through a negotiated political settlement by involving different influential partners in the process.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.