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Regional consensus needed for Afghanistan peace process

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As efforts have increased in connection with ending the ongoing war and maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan, head of Afghanistan High Peace Council’s secretariat Omar Daudzai has left for Iran to discuss Afghanistan’s peace process with Iranian officials.
A spokesperson to HPC Ihsanullah Tahiri said in a message that head of HPC’s secretariat on his two-day visit to Iran would meet the country’s high-ranking officials including foreign minister, national security advisor and deputy of the country’s national security advisor to discuss Afghanistan peace process.
“The agenda of the HPC delegation to Iran is to absorb the country’s support and cooperation to intra-Afghan dialogue between Afghanistan government and Taliban group as role of neighboring and regional countries in particular Iran is important for starting the intra-Afghani peace talks,” Tahiri added.
Iran is among countries that has officially declared its relation with the Taliban group. The respective country has also said that Afghanistan government is informed of the country’s contacts with the Taliban group and such contacts with the group will continue in close cooperation of Afghanistan government. Two months back, Iran hosted a delegation of the Taliban group. US officials have accused Iran of supporting the Taliban group.
After holding the responsibility of head of HPC’s secretariat, Omar Daudzai visited Pakistan and China to consolidate regional consensus in connection with Afghanistan peace process.
His visit to Iran came after the fifth round of peace talks between US special peace envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad and representatives of the Taliban group ended in Qatar last week. Both sides announced that they have not reached final conclusion, but said they have agreed on a draft regarding US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and effective counter terrorism measures.
In his tweet, US special peace envoy for Afghanistan said: “When the agreement in draft about a withdrawal timeline and effective counterterrorism measures is finalized, the Taliban and other Afghans, including the government, will begin intra-Afghan negotiations on a political settlement and comprehensive ceasefire.”
The fifth round of the peace talks between the US and Taliban negotiators in Qatar ended after 16 days last week on Tuesday with agreement in draft between the two sides on some key issues under debate.In all round of peace talks between US and Taliban negotiators, representatives of Afghanistan government have not been present.
Previously, Afghanistan government had declared that US special peace envoy for Afghanistan has provided a mechanism based on which information regarding peace process is shared between the two sides.
It is worth mentioning that Afghanistan government has made efforts for years to hold peace talks with the Taliban group to end the ongoing war in the country. High Peace Council (HPC) has been, therefore, created to facilitate direct peace talks between Afghanistan government and the Taliban group. Meanwhile, for starting intra-Afghan dialogue, regional consensus is needed.
Lailuma Noori

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