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Regional consensus can be key to peace in Afghanistan

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Following a three-day official visit of head of Afghanistan High Council for National Reconciliation Dr. Abdullah Abdullah to Pakistan, a number of Afghan political experts in their interview with The Kabul Times have asked for regional consensus for maintaining peace in Afghanistan. They are stressing that regional countries should honestly cooperate with Afghanistan government as regional consensus can be key for peace in Afghanistan.
Afghan political experts consider Dr. Abdullah’s visit to Pakistan as key step towards addressing increasing concerns of the regional countries as well as addressing Afghanistan’s concern from the eye of the regional countries.
“As Afghanistan war has regional roots in the modern history, undoubtedly the key of peace in current circumstances is also in hand of the region as regional countries somehow influence on armed opponent of Afghanistan government,” said Zaheer Sadat, a former lawmaker.
He added that a number of countries have funded and provided safe havens for various opponent groups of Afghanistan government for the past two decades; therefore, the only way to reach lasting peace in Afghanistan was regional consensus.
“Other countries’ experience has shown that peace talks to end a war had even continued for years, but in Afghanistan, results of the ongoing peace talks are not clear yet,” Sadat stressed.
Amir Mohammad, another Afghan political expert says that US as a main party to the ongoing conflict and peace of Afghanistan has asked regional countries to honestly work with Afghanistan for ending the war and maintaining peace in the country.
In opening ceremony of the intra-Afghan talks which started between negotiating teams of Afghanistan government and Taliban on 12th Sep in Qatar, representatives of various countries in the region delivered speeches and shared their concerns and anticipations regarding war and peace in Afghanistan.
“Other countries consider role of Pakistan and Qatar in Afghanistan peace process as significant, but they express their concern in this regard. In such circumstances, efforts to address such concerns are key to succeed the process,” Amir Mohammad added.
According to Afghan political experts, Afghanistan government in particular High Council for National Reconciliation should play a strong role in creating of regional consensus for peace in the country. Regional countries in modern history have been able to play significant role in sabotaging peace processes; therefore, regional consensus is key for the success of Afghanistan peace process.
In current situation, Efforts for creating such consensus are crucial. Pakistan, India, Iran, China, Turkey and Central Asian countries are each able to play vital role in Afghanistan peace process.
Afghan political experts believe that the only way to save Afghanistan from current crisis is to create regional consensus for peace in the country as maintaining peace in the Afghanistan can guarantee the peace and stability in the region and world.
This comes after head of Afghanistan High Council for National Reconciliation Dr. Abdullah Abdullah started his first visit from Pakistan to discuss Afghanistan peace process and find a way to end the ongoing crisis in the country.

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