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Referring to Imam Azam’s thoughts ensures future prosperity, consensus of Afghanistan and Islamic world: President Ghani

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in a closing ceremony of the National Symposium of Imam Azam Abu Hanifa, held at the Loya Jirga Tent, spoke about the thoughts of the imam, BNA reported the other day.
Thanking religious scholars from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, India, Egypt, China, Australia, Malesia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan, attended the ceremony, the president said the Great Imam laid discretion against the externalists, which caused big jam in the nourishment of the Islamic jurisprudence and opened the way for the priests.
He said religions and jurisprudents can build the order of the society and whoever came with sword have been tamed.
The president said whenever the country came under attack, our society’s might have been emerged. Our might come from our believes and our believes are from our religions and that we shouldn’t forget that there was a sustainable relation between Imam Hanifa and Imam Jaafar and Afghanistan is a simple of religious consensus, the agency quoted.
“Imam Azam has seriously closed the door of excommunication to all rival groups and proclaimed that all worshipers and those turning kiblah for prayer are equal,” said the president.
He said referring to the thoughts and believes of Imam ensures the future prosperity and consensus of the country and the Islamic world and urged that Islamology and the Islamic knowledge should be turned into a basic guideline in the universities and schools and offices.
The president went on as saying that Imam Abu Hanifa set a principle for women rights, under which all they received all their rights, according to the agency.
The president noted that one or two symposiums marking the country’s known religious scholars each year, particularly a comprehensive research should be made about the third century AH.
According to the president, up to 150 mosques would be built all over the country’s districts level.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.