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‘Reduction of violence’ pre-condition for intra-Afghan dialogue, women, civil activists

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By: The Kabul Times

Simultaneous with specification of deadline for holding third-round of intra-Afghan dialogue in Qatar, women and civil activists say that reduction of war and violence should be one of pre-conditions of this round of talks.
The women rights activists and civil society’s institutions add that in two rounds of these talks among figures and representatives of political parties, the standard of war and violence have been reduced in the country.
Member of Afghan Women Network Appeal Court, Ms. Qudsia Raheen says that the Taliban grouping always had preconditions for beginning of any negotiations, but the activists of civil society’s institutions, representatives or political parties leaders and a number of presidential elections’ nominees expressed their readiness for negotiations sans any pre-condition.
Ms. Raheen adds in the connection before beginning of intra-Afghan dialogue, credible guarantee should be given from Taliban grouping so that with beginning of these negotiations violences to be reduced and Taliban permit those who are living in the areas are under their control, their girls and boys to go to schools.
This member of Afghan women network stated that offering of such guarantee can prove the Taliban abiding by peace.
Civil activist and executive head of development and change institution, Farshad Formoly says within two meetings held between the representatives of the US and Taliban grouping, the only demand of participants was protections of achievements gained during recent 18 years, establishment country-wide ceasefire that were not accepted by Taliban.
In such a state, Formoly proposes that those who attended in intra-Afghan dialogue, prior leaving for Doha should reach in understanding with government, countrymen and related institutions and place the real demands of the people of Afghanistan as pre-conditions for these negotiations.
Likewise, a number of other civil society’s activists expressing their concern about the results of these negotiations and say that the Taliban grouping would not pay any heed to preconditions and demands of the people of Afghanistan.
Head of civil society complex, Aziz Rafiee said in the connection may not any pro-condition would have importance before constitution a precondition that Taliban would play cruelly with it.
The activists of women rights and civil society are laying emphasize in a time on the pre-conditions for intra-Afghan dialogue that despite of two round of talks held among figures and representatives of political parties with Taliban groupings and no change has been occurred in the position of Taliban and the violence against civilians has been continuing as well.
The reports reaching here say that only in the course of holy month of Ramadan of current year, in different incidents, at least 40 people were killed and 86 others were wounded.
Additionally, in a fresh case, in Monday, Saratan 10th following the explosion of a motor vehicle full of bombs in Kabul in clashing between five armed invaders belong to Taliban at least ten civilians were killed and 106 others wounded.
The ministry of education has proclaimed that in this incident 51 students of two private schools are also include of wounds, the events that were occurred at the dawn and continued for seven and half hours, Taliban grouping took the responsibility of the event.
Taliban also proclaimed that the aim behind this attack was the logistic department of ministry of national defence that flowing it, tens of national army were killed.
This attack took place simultaneous with seventh round of negotiations of Zalmay Khalilzad the US special envoy for peace in Qatar.
Beside the US state department, presidential office, office chief of executive, the UN, the US embassy in Kabul, Pakistan, Iran, Qatar, Human Rights Independent Commission and a number political figures condemned this attack.
In a statement, Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State of US has said that we all demand from Taliban to refrain from attack on civilians Afghans want peace and calmness and Taliban should end such violent meaningless measures.
With all of these, it is planned till next six days, the intra-Afghan dialogue to begin in Qatar.
Special envoy of the US for peace, Zalmay Khalilzad regarding holding of this intra-Afghan dialogue as necessary in the framework of peace efforts and, that considering 40 years tragedy the participants of this meeting should make effort for the solution of political disputes.
Likewise, Germany special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Marks Yonzel in regard with intra-Afghan dialogue to be held in Qatar, recently said that this meeting would be held for two days (Saratan 15-16). This meeting would be hosted jointly be Germany and Qatar.
In these meetings and such other ones, Taliban had their own preconditions.
They have said no one would represent from Afghan government in this meeting.
The spokesman of the office of this grouping in Qatar, Suhail Shabeen in a tweet has wrote that if in presence of international witnesses, the foreign troops proclaim their time frame for their withdrawal, the intra-Afghan dialogue would begin but as a government, negotiation would not be taken place with Kabul administration.
Although, so far, it is unknown who would attend in these rounds of negotiations but, the witness resources from this meeting says that list of 45 to 60 people is arranged by facilitator of German institution for this session.
But, the government of Afghanistan says that so far, they have no awareness about details of this meeting.
Presidential spokesman, Seddiq Seddiqi in the connection said that those individuals and personnel who invited for this meeting are attending from their personnel addresses or capacities.
He added that we have no awareness about this, negotiation or program, any meeting or any goal which is following.
This is in a time that previously too, some figures and a number representatives from political parties have been attended two times in Moscow in meeting with representatives of Taliban.
For the first time, the intra-Afghan dialogues were held last year in Dalwa 16th and 17th similarly, the second round of these meetings were held in seventh and eighth of Jauza of current year with participation of representatives of Taliban and a number of political figures.
No one was attended as government representative in this meeting.
Although, the representatives of Taliban commemorating about intra-Afghan dialogue in upcoming meetings, but they didn’t respond to the demands of presidential candidates and leaders of political parties for establishment of ceasefire.

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