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Reduction of US military budget for Afghanistan

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By: Suraya Raiszada

For the first time in 19 years US military presence in Afghanistan Pentagon has announced that it has allocated $14b in 2021 for Afghanistan while the allocation was US$17b in 2020, the reason behind the reduction was possible troops reduction.
The Afghan MoD said that reduction of US military budget has no effect on ANSDF war on terror and the US and NATO are committed to be here until 2024.
Since 2011, the Pentagon operation budget for oversees missions have been decreasing while in 2011 the US had allocated $114b for its operations in Afghanistan.
Military-security expert Abdul Hadi Khaled (Ret) said, “I believe the proposed budget has negative impact on security situation in Afghanistan as well as peace efforts. Since the neighboring countries are still a threat for Afghanista, this country needs surficial budget for security purposes.
It is believed that the Afghan authorities should request American authorities to allocate enough budget for elimination of armed terrorists.
Law maker Ramazan Bashardost said, the Afghan government should change its military strategy and attempt to find new financial resources for ANSDF, the US decision is a matter of concern for the Afghan people and US reduction of military budget takes place at a time that its involved in peace talks with Taliban in Qatar and they have not agreed yet on full withdrawal of American troops.
Afghanistan is facing Taliban and ISIS and the US should cooperate and support it for long years to overcome war on terror.
Experts believe that gradual troops withdrawal will remain no bad impact on Afghanistan situation but incase of hasty withdrawal, terrorists and their regional supporters will be benefitted.
Ferahmand a political commentator said the US should take into account all regional considerations and sensitivities and try to prevent recharging of Afghanistan to a secure heaven of terrorism and achievements of the last 19 years not to be wasted.
He believes that terrorists are still fighting both countries and this situation requires sustainable presence of US –NATO troops in Afghanistan.
It is generally believed that regional-political realties require long term US military presence in Afghanistan, as in the last 19 years the US has been the biggest supporter of Afghan people.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.