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Reduction of US assistance to A.A.F

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Despite of 19 years US and allies strong presence, unfortunately still the Afghan Air Forces have not achieved self-sufficiency. In its recent report, SIGAR has said that the US aids to AAF have decreased.
Based on SIGAR report, out of $ 8 billion aids, nearly two $ billion have been allocated for 2019 fiscal year that shows $ 80 million reduction comparing to three last months. SIGAR report shows that US aids to AAF is $269 million more than the US aids to Afghan ground forces. 51 % of this amount was allocated to repairing, procurement and logistic of AAF and over $531 million allocated for equipment and transportation.
Former AAF authorities believe that US aids to AAF have been slight and no basic and fundamental work has taking place in this branch.
Afghan security authorities believe that at present ANSF are rebuilding stage and need continued training, equipping, arming and more support. Beside that ANSF need planning and advise. ANSF need air support and until our self-sufficiency, the US should stay beside us.
Hasamuddin, a former Afghan military officer believes that ANSF support and equipping will make them stronger against enemies in the battlefields. He added, the US and allies should exert increasing essential political pressure on terrorists and their regional advocates behind Afghanistan territory and force them cooperate honestly in Afghan peace mission.
Former military officer Jaweed Kohistani said that further improving of ANSF is more effective than quantitative increase in RS forces. The Afghan government should make proper use of available opportunities for training of ANSF and make RS presence further fruitful in Afghanistan in war on terror. According to military analysists prior to outbreak of civil war, Afghanistan owned a qualitative and quantitative forceful and powerful army and air force in the region that were accountable to defensive needs but unfortunately as a result of devastating imposed and proxy civil wars of 1992 we lost everything and our military potential became zero. Our military might war was overthrown and disintegrated.
Chairman of Upper House (senate) military commission, Mohammad Ashem Alokozai said foreign aids to AAF have been slight. Most of fighter and helicopters are old and expired. As several helicopters have crashed in current year.
After 19 years strong US and allies’ presence, still we need huge support and our pilots need intensive training. During the last two decades the AAF have taking active part in support of our grand forces with their 183 airplane.

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