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Reduction of underground waters concerning: Kabul residents

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By: Shukria Kohistani

Kabul residents saying that the reduction of underground waters and drying of potable water wells in the city was the matter of great concern.
Till few years back, the wells of drinking water were enjoying from 20 meters while now, this figure has reached to 100 meters and the reduction of water is continuing so far.
The experts in social affairs believe the reduction of underground waters enumerated as a main challenge faced by Kabul residents and laying emphasize that the citizens should economize the water in their daily life. As according to them, inattention would bring about a great catastrophe in the capital city.
Long years draughts, digging of deep wells as clandestinely between 100 m to 300m, increasing of its expansion and increase in number of populations in Kabul city, face people with great challenges.
The social experts regard continuation of such situation as a matter of concern for socio-economic development and normal life in the city.
A social expert, Khair Mohammad Noori regards less rain and snowfall and using of much water a very dangerous issue for underground waters and lays emphasize that if immediate measure not to be adopted in the connection, till few coming years, the Kabul residents would face with unprecedented dearth of water.
Noori added that to prevent this problem, in first step, the quantity of underground waters should be measured correctly by related experts and then, its expenditure should be controlled considering of its capacity.
Expressing his deep concern about increasing of deep wells in Kabul, he said: “Today, the depth of drinking water wells reached from 100 m to 250 m and those who are staying in a good economic condition are digging personal wells and consume water how much they want. This threat is common, all should economize water.”
Although, in previous years, the government of Afghanistan considered some programs such as construction of water dams along the rivers which were ending to Kabul one, but unfortunately, like other large projects, this program remained on paper only.
Noori believes for implementation of large social and economic projects, the people’s support and cooperation is a must and lays emphasize that instead of criticizing government, the people should contribute in execution of uplift-projects and should not forget their responsibility in the connection and ease the related processes.
According to him, now, the people are well-aware about the catastrophe of reduction of underground waters in Kabul city but at the same, they are careless in this respect.
He demanded both people and government to try their bests to be cautious in consuming of this vital element as well as for prevention of its pollution, otherwise, they would face water crisis.
While the Kabul residents are facing with dearth of potable water, but, the government in-charges reported about construction dams and digging of deep wells in outskirts of Kabul city and other provinces.
The in-charge of artificial feeding of underground waters, Naim Toukhi says that work is going on in six point of the city for artificial feeding of underground waters.
It should be mentioned that dam of Shah-wa-Arous in Shakardara, north of Kabul that its foundation stone was laid in 2010 and the in-charge concerned claimed one year back that its work has been completed 80 percent, but so far, it has not been inaugurated.
Dam of Shah-wa-Arous has capacity of 30 million cum water and it is planned that in such a way great part of water needed by Kabul residents to be maintained in the future.

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