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Reconstruction process never halts, unless insecurity prevails

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President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and the country’s First Lady Rula Ghani, have reportedly visited the Bala Bagh Garden in Paghman district of Kabul province, where they reviewed the reconstruction works of the recreational site Friday.
Accompanied by a number of government officials, the country’s president briefed about greenery, orchards and reconstruction work of the surrounding walls of the public garden, after visiting various parts of the garden in the scenic and recreational site.
The president issued necessary directives to workers engaged in construction of a building on the garden and asked for expediting the work process.
The country’s president who has always showed his longing and yearning desire for having a country full of greenery and progress said the same group of workers would be sent to eastern Nangarhar province for rehabilitation of the king palace –locally known as Shahi Mani in Jalalabad and Sirajul Emirate.
Elsewhere in other provinces of the country, due to the country’s serious attention and goodwill, many uplift projects, including greenery have been launched, with the people enjoying their own provinces’ developed succulence.
But, what is important to help such desires go ahead successfully, is security, as in the past more than three decades of civil and imposed war, insecurity has taken all opportunities of the both the government and the people to use in development of the country.
Vast numbers of powerful individuals have since long, by dominating the country’s various parts and provinces and using them as their own power, violated all government and people laws and norms and announced themselves as the only superpowers. Under such control, people have had no choice, except “grinning and bearing”.
Now, as the country’s president has stepped up to arrest anyone who use illegal power to set their own law in the country, is optimistic and good news for the country’s security and peaceful living condition of the people.
Any Afghans who want to their country remain in peace, developed and advanced, they should cooperate with the government in arresting and collecting all those engaged in illegal activities, including crimes, drug and mines trafficking.
So, let’s work for the government and do our best to strengthen its pillars and support it against any illegal activities, if want Afghanistan advance and could compete other worlds’ nations.
Afghanistan is mountainous country with numerous sites of recreation and scenic and it can draw tourists from around the world, but, everywhere, we have the report of insecurity and creation of problems and headaches for both the people and the government.
Insecurity, by the enemy of the country could easily be prevented, but inside those who claim to be supporters of the system but, practically do something else in their own interest, this is very difficult to control, except having cooperation and coordination of the entire Afghans, including the citizens and local people.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.