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Recent peace deal from the youth perspective

Afghan peace

BY: Ajmal Hajizada

image 12 04 20 11 45As part of young generation of Afghanistan and as an eyewitness of the past 18 years, we, especially the young generation, have suffered the most in our academic as well as in our social lives. We used to have these thoughts in our minds before leaving our homes every morning for school, whether we will return home safely or will be blown up in any suicidal or bomb attack. If peace prevails in its true sense, we will be the beneficiaries of this deal.

So, as part of the young generation, we are delighted for our tomorrow with a new sunshine in our lives. Now the question is: Where do I see the attention of the youth in the next 10 years after the deal? Let’s analyse it with an optimistic point of view. Afghanistan is an enriched land in terms of natural resources. Once peace prevails, its access and ease on its export will provide Afghanistan a new image, a new hope and a new sunrise with lots of joy and hope which is still a desire for the people of Afghanistan.

Whenever we name it, the word “Talibanization involuntarily comes to our mind. It will change into a new economic Hub, into a new faith of development for the people of Afghanistan and it’s deep positive impact will not only be on Afghanistan but it will also be on its neighbouring countries, particularly Pakistan as it is an easy passage to central Asia is connected with Afghanistan so it will not be only advantageous for Afghanistan the neighbours will get its economic and security benefits as well.

The constructive role played by Pakistan in the recent pledge between the US AND Afghan Taliban demonstrates the primacy of this pact that how much convincingness it will beget on Pakistan, a bounty juncture for Pakistan is that relatively then their security distress and economic interest it will bestow a chance in returning of 1.3 million registered Afghan refugees virtually the identical figure of unrecorded as well back to their homes that would be effective in Pakistan’s thrift and at the same time for Afghanistan as well many of them have been graduated from Pakistani universities. Their aptitudes will be valuable and productive in Afghanistan’s administration and in their private realms, and if we imagine a peaceful Afghanistan from the perspective of tourism, Afghanistan will ensue as touristic contentment, with its naturally glamorous touring niches and some historical areas as well the best criterion could be “Bamyan for Historical place and Nuristan for its natural beauty. This will assist in rebuilding an entirely different flank of Afghanistan to the world, While if we discern it from a cynical point of view, it’s laceration will not only destabilise Afghanistan once again ,but also, this and the next generations of Afghanistan will endure and will have the fear of bomb blasting, suicide attacks in their hearts while leaving their homes for their schooling and daily routine lives once again. Another entire generation will be on the backdoor for virtually another 20 years, and its unfavourable consequences will be as broad as its positive consequences on its neighbouring countries and rest of the globe as well.

Whether it’s about their economic skepticism or their security concerns, they will equally be induced as Afghanistan. As a youth, what will be my domestic and foreign strategy in the blend of Afghan Taliban and the Afghan government? As far as domestic policy is concerned, the small business opportunities will be provided to both men and women of the country with the help of the private sectors and foreign investments as it will be a new business hub and it will have an enormous probability for the foreign investors to invest in a developing Afghanistan. Thus a stable Afghanistan will be on the rise domestically. We will have a big concern on the implication of our foreign policy because in my foreign policywould maintain the balance attitudes and policy towards all neighbouring and non- neighbouring countries for the growth of a faithful harmony, a distinct foreign policy will be constructed with Pakistan that will consist of economic policy and cricket diplomacy. In economic policy by bringing in an MOU between both countries where Pakistani manufacturers will be provided with free land, tax relaxation, and a favourable rebate  on their exports.

Furthermore, it will be a huge opportunity to those Pakistani firms which retain a strong hold on its export from Pakistan to central Asia. It will cost them less in transportation, and in-return Afghanistan will demand ease for the transportation of their goods to India via Wahga Border. In cricket diplomacy, we all know about the cricket craze between two nations, an MOU will be signed between ACB(Afghanistan Cricket Board ) and PCB(Pakistan Cricket Board ) that will work on the domestic level by sending the players to play domestic leagues in both the countries. Hence, the private sectors will be the windfalls in various forms and the widespread community, and it will have a powerful impact on the relationship between the two nations.

The author is Undergraduate  Afghan student of international relations at university of Lahore)

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