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Recent developments around Takht-e-Rustam ancient site concaerning: residents


By: Daud Nijrabi

Construction of residential houses near the ancient site of Takht-e-Rustam has nowadays sparked criticism of a number of inhabitants of Samangan province. These people claim that local powerful people construct houses around Takht-e-Rustam in the provincial capital of Aibak, city intending to grab the green area related to the ancient site.
But, the municipality of Aibak city and local authorities vow that no one would be allowed to size the ancient site and construct residential house around the monument.
Ahmad Pazir a local resident of Aibak provincial capital said that some local influential in collusion with local security forces, have already grabbed the relevant green areas of Takht-e-Rustam and consider it as their private property and have prepared it for selling and construction of residential facilities.
Residents of Aibak city saying that these controversial lands located on the north-west direction of the ancient site.
Available reliable documents show that the provincial Justice Department of Samangan province has identified these disputed lands as the green area of Takht-e-Rustam Stupa and announced illegal construction of residential houses there.
Assuring the security of relevant lands of this ancient site and its green area, local authorities and municipality of Aibak city said that allow nobody to construct houses in this area.
Mayor of Aibak city Ferozuddin Tageen said, since some times, a legal dispute has been going on between a number of Aibak people and Samangan provincial department of agriculture and as a result of this legal dispute some of the lands located near the ancient site have been recognized as the people’s private property and at present construction of residential houses is going on there.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.