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Reason behind increase in flour price in Afghanistan

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Though India has donated a lot of wheat to the people of Afghanistan, the price of flour in the markets of the country is still increasing.
India has recently donated 2500 tons of wheat following their humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, which will be soon entered to Afghanistan through Wagah port, this donation is closed on May 15.
In the last few months, the price of raw materials, especially flour, has increased drastically, while out of the 50,000 tons of wheat donated by India to Afghanistan, approximately 40,000 tons of it have been transferred to Afghanistan, which will be distributed to the needy families.
The UN representatives in Kabul did comment in this regard, and it is not clear that the international community donations will be distributed to whom?
Meanwhile, the country’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and the Ministry of Economy denied providing information on this regard. After several calls with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, we did not succeed to receive information from them.
The respective officials forbidden to provide information in this regard.
It is said, the world countries providing assistance to the people of Afghanistan through the World Food Program. The government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan should pay serious attention to the issue, to find out whether these aids reach to deserving people or not… or whether they are confiscated.
It should be noted, that the UN agencies especially the World Food Program (WFP), and other concerned institutions such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Economy and other institutions should provide information about the distribution of aid to the people, while nearly 40,000 tons of Indian wheat reached Afghanistan, but day by day the price of flour has been increased unprecedentedly the country’s markets.
While the price of raw materials is increasing day by day, no government institution says anything about the price increase, if there is no transparency, people will doubt.
It is necessary that the Kabul Municipality and other provincial municipalities to have information about the market price at all times and to control it. However India has promised to provide 50 thousand tons of wheat to the people of Afghanistan, but why the price is still so high with this amount of aid?
Speaking to Kabul Times, Afghan citizens also complain about the unfair distribution of wheat and say that the government of the Islamic Emirate should distribute aid to the people transparently, otherwise the people will face many problems.
Amiri, Nejrabi

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