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Real representatives of people should find way to parliament

Independent Elections Commission (IEC) has recently declared final results of Kandahar province’s Wolesi Jirga elections. This comes as final results of 28 provinces have so far been declared.
According to the IEC deputy spokesperson Zabihullah Sadat, based on the commitment made by the electoral complaints commission, final results of other five provinces would be sent to IEC by the end of this week.
This is while that final results of Kabul, Kunduz, Maidan Wardak, Paktia and Baghlan provinces have not been so far declared.
Wolesi Jirga elections have been followed with many challenges, as independent elections commission former members and commissioners have been trailed and they have been banned to travel.
Afghanistan’s political system is democratic. Thus, those who find way to the parliament should believe in people’s interests. There is no doubt that cruel and usurpers don’t worth to represent people in the parliament.
In current situation, law execution is one of the government’s needs and priorities. How can those who violate law represent people in the parliament? And how the law being approved by such people can ensure people’s interests and bolster citizens’ rights and democracy?
Unfortunately earlier, electoral commissions failed to prevent entering powerful figures and lawbreakers to the parliament, as we have several times witnessed that a number of lawmakers changed parliament into a battleground.
Earlier, the lower house of the parliament had been facing with many problems. Because, a number of lawmakers were either busy in land usurpation or bargaining with the cabinet ministers about appointment of their relatives in different government administrations.
Therefore, legally treating illegal powerful figures, criminals and lawmakers are among the people demands and they welcome elections commission recent decision on such individuals.
Past elections’ crises have caused to negatively affect people’s trust in elections. Thus, effective mechanisms are expected to be established to re-win people’s trust.
Parliament is a place where law is made and executive power functions are supervised. Thus, real representatives of people should find way to Wolesi Jirga so they can properly decide about key national issues.
Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.