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“Real peace can be maintained through elections,” VP Danesh

معاون دوم دانش

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh participated and delivered speech at a gathering held on the occasion of declaration results of book-reading competition titled ‘Part of the First University and Last Prophet’ in Kabul’s west with participation of hundreds of residents of the city.
In his speech, the second vice president first congratulated the birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatema to participants of the gathering and considered holding the ceremony as a step towards expansion of practical and cultural activities, convincing youth to education and promotion of the culture of book-reading, stressing on supporting organizers of such cultural programs. Pointing to political issues of the country, Danesh by insisting on crucial and constructive role of the elections process as key pillar of democracy and the only proper pavement for political stability in the country said: “Elections are showing the will of people and is the only national process that can guarantee political stability and development in the country.” According to Sarwar Danesh, real peace can be maintained through elections and the process can protect achievements of nearly the two past decades.
Asking the Taliban group as opponents of the country’s political system, second vice president called on the group to stop violence, accept the principle of republic and by taking part in elections process get the political power through legitimate channel.
“Election is the only way to reach stability and paves the way for creating a committed government to reforms,” Danesh said, asking the people to take active part in upcoming presidential elections and select their future destiny.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.