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Reactivation of Trolley-Bus system improves environment, removes traffic jams

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By: Abdul Samad Roshan

Short history of Trolly buses project

The Trolley buses project was established in late 1978 with the technical and economic contribution of the then Czechoslovakia SKODA OSTROV Co in an area of 20 jerib land in Khoshalimena area, against Central Silo, Kabul. The project enjoyed seven power substations in Central depot, Deh Bori, Deh Mazang, behind Stadium, Sayed Noor Mohammad Shah Mena, Sherpoor and Kart-e-Parwan. With 86 Trolley buses, the project was operating with an initial capital of Afs 520 million in three directions with a total length of 54 km.
The project was expected to start operation in the direction of Kabul University and related preliminary steps were also undertaken but unfortunately, change of regime and outbreak of civil conflicts in Kabul destroyed the project. The project was operating until early December 1992 and then it was devastated.
In 1995, the then government assigned a commission to decide on dissolving of those enterprises who had lost their assets. Due to effectiveness of Trolley buses project in Kabul and taking into account economic situation and preservation of entity of Millie Bus second enterprise, decided to approve it as a development project within the framework of the Ministry of Transportation. Ever since the expenditures of the project has been funded through the development budget of the government.
The Project of effectiveness and usefulness:
– During its operations, the trolley bus project was economically the cheapest and supplied major transportation services in capital Kabul and its productive co-efficient and services showed ascending graph.
– Due to increasing density of population in today’s Kabul, only operation of one kind urban transportation that uses fuel, cann’t meet needs of Kabul inhabitants of over seven million population.
– Rehabilitation of the trolley bus project, enables the government to partially prevent pollution and enjoy a beneficial and self-sufficient transport to supply more and effective urban transportation services to people.
– With rehabilitation of this project, capital Kabul would enjoy multi-system transportation that would remove problems of people to a large extent.
– Rehabilitation of the project would help to accelerate rebuilding process of Kabul city vast areas and re-accommodation of those inhabitants who had to leave their native dwellings due to imposed conflicts.
Trolley buses don’t need lubricants and cann’t escape their direction and these buses consume 1.5 KW power per kilometer.
The project with 50 trolley buses in the first step in three directions and a distance of 54 km, transfer 19 million passengers per year and provide employment opportunities for 300 people. The directions include:
– Silo-Cinema Pamir 14km.
– Silo-Deh Afghanan 14km.
– Cinema Pamir-Sayed Noor Mohammad Shah Mena 16 km.
– Kabul University-Cinema Pamir 8km (inactivated).
– Inside the Depot 2km.
Due to recommendation of MoT and order (1682) date (17.06.1382) of the president of I.R.A, the contract for rehabilitation of trolley buses project was held on 7.11.2003 in Prague, Czech republic between the delegations of both countries. The contracting company undertook free of charge training of technical personal outside Afghanistan. The rehabilitation contract was approved by president of transitional administration of Afghanistan order 783 date 31.2.1383.
Plan of operation:
1- The trolley bus project should be activated in its previous directions including Silo-Cinema Pamir, Cinema Pamir-Bagrami textile Co, Silo-Deh Afghanan.
2- New directions:
In recent years, Kabul city has developed in new directions and new main asphalted roads have been constructed and require operation of trolley buses in PD-16,PD-12, PD-5, PD-4 PD-11, PD-7, PD-6, PD-15 etc.
3. Later on current Millie Buses should be employed in rural districts. We kindly request serious attention of the government higher authority for implementation of this important project.

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