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Re-flourishing of sculpturing art among youth


The art of sculpturing is a fine and elegant art. In today’s world, majority of cities and parks have been decorated with installation of heroes, scholars, poets, writers, sportsmen and artists sculptures which are made by acknowledged sculptures. In Afghanistan recently several circles and roundabout have been decorated with horses sculptures or flowers which are masterpieces of Afghan artists. At present few artists are teaching this art in Kabul University.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter a student of 4th grade, faculty of Fine Arts, Kabul University Zakaria Danishwar said, since childhood I was enthusiast of sculpturing and made clay sculpture.
After graduation from high school, during entrance examination of university. I achieved my dream and now I enthusiastically continue my work.
He added, during exercises, usually ordinary mud are used for sculpturing but for standard sculpturing clay is used.
He added, different materials are used for sculpturing including clay, gypsum, stone powder, wood, fierwax, chemical materials with their combinations etc.
He went on to say, first, we prepare the sketch of sculpture, then mix wax with honey, Vaseline and Paraffin and then make sculpture. Sketches are made of wax and molded with gypsum. Fiberglass materials with chemicals are combined with wool, crystal, Fiber and Cobalt.
He explained, as you see these sculptures, they are made by our students. First, they are prepared with wax or clay and molded with gypsum and then they are painted usually and four paints are used. Our products are not sold yet but we accept offers.
He added, there are many restrictions, first the materials. We prepare materials by ourselves. Despite of problems, the Fine Arts Department has made good development. In the past, no attention was invited to sculpturing art but now both male and female students are enthusiast of this art and over 40 students are involved in each class.
Our demand is unfading of art in Afghanistan because art and culture is the foundation of every country.
Mokhtar Murad a graduate of Fine Arts Faculty who has failed to find a job according to his profession said, unfortunately art has been marginalized in Afghanistan and has no marketing. I failed to find a job in government departments. Our products have no customer in private markets. I want the government to focus on this issue.
The Fine Arts Faculty is facing shortage of teaching materials and equipment and holding of artistic exhibitions could help us to enrich our art.
Karima Malikzada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.