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Railway needed to develop economy, expand exports


The Independent Railway Administration says that the first survey of 3000 km railway was finalized countrywide and efforts are underway to gain further financial possibilities for beginning of the work of the project.
According to this administration, for development of economy and expansion of exports, need is felt for utility from railway and is a priority.
This administration says through railway, the exports of Afghanistan can find its way to world markets with meagre expenditure.
Head of construction affairs of Railway Independent Administration said that this survey is include of four corridors that the latters would cover all Afghanistan as circular.
He added that via borders we get linkage with neighbors and then with world markets through neighboring countries.
At the same time, the chamber of commerce and industries also wanted government to expand economy of Afghanistan, expansion of railway is a need.
This chamber adds that with the linkage of Afghanistan to regional countries via railway, the export of Afghanistan would increase.
Deputy of chambers and commerce of Afghanistan, Khanjan Alokozay asserted that railway is very important. More work has been done but is not sufficient and railway administration is a new one. Considering its works did so far, this administration is successful.
He added that now, further facilities are provided in Hairatan port of Mazar-i-Sharif and Aqina.
The in-charges of chamber of commerce and industries say that although, execution of railway project needs further financial possibilities, but the government should provide this expenditure.
A witness in economic affairs, Saifuddin Saihoon in the connection said to The Kabul Times that as the in-charges concerned have said access to railway is dire need for any country, in Afghanistan that today is facing with much problems, construction of railway can solve in some extent the problem of the country especially in export section.
Today, with enjoying from air corridors and regular transport system, the developed nations, for transportation of their merchandizes, they have reached to the summits of progress.
In my opinions the international community has provided some opportunities for government of Afghanistan. The latter should benefit from those opportunities for improvement of its economy and provide employment and good living condition for those who are suffering for long from poverty and hardships.
He says unfortunately, there are some institutions that reported always about construction of infrastructures but, with passing of time either remain undone according to reasons bring by companies itself or bring pretext of financial problems and based on the same, the construction works are postponed.
My proposal is this, that government should support construction projects and lay financial possibilities at their disposal, Saihoon stated.
It should be said that the expansions of railway indifferent parts of the country facilitate export to neighboring countries as cheaper and in short span of time, the capital holders also show their interest to remain in Afghanistan and promote their activities.
Although, the government of Afghanistan making effort to provide possibilities for those institutions who are working inside Afghanistan for implementation of the projects but so far, need is felt for attraction of donors’ attention in the connection and railway that is a dire need for people to be expanded.

Shukria Kohistani

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