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Radio-broadcasting, Amani period cultural achievement

King Amanullah Khan

By: The Kabul Times

As it is known to all, before Ghazi Amanullah Khan period, there was no radio station and broadcasting in Afghanistan.
But with beginning of golden period of Ghazi Amanullah Khan, based on modernity thought of King Amanullah some initiatives have been occurred in various fields of life of people that radio-broad-casting is one of them, with functioning of radio station, the Kabul citizens enjoyed from hearing what was broadcasting through it.
The first radio-station was brought to Kabul along with a number of experts in this field as well as some technical personnel from Russian Federation in Assad 27th of 1299 that was coinciding with August 18,1920.
The first Afghan labor who worked as professional mechanic was Tooran Shah.
This station was established inside of Kabul royal court general factory.
In another word, in a building named as “Koti-Londoni located in northern part of present Pul-i-Hartel” Hartel Bridge” the radio station began its broadcasting in it.
To enrich the station from technical point of view, beginning from this date, some scholarships were given to Afghan students for abroad to learn about radio technic issues.
Atawullah belong to Hazara nationality who was working in Arg was sent to abroad for studying radio technics and ex-ray machine. He studied the above-mentioned issues for two years.
The loudspeakers which were bought from France functioned in 1306 and 1307 in celebration of independence anniversary. Likewise, some radios were divided into dignitary families in Kabul city that in the first round, 30 radio and then 1000 small radios which were named as crystal and were functioning with battery were broadcasting daily news in the night.
This was the first experimental broadcasting of radio Kabul. The first news caster of this program was editor in-chief of Aman-i-Afghan periodical in the name of Abdul Jabbar son of Abdul Wahed Popal Zaiee and another one was Ghulam Sarwar son of Sardar Jummakhan, the grand son of Sardar Abdul Quddous Khan Itemad-ul-Daula and from that time he is famed as Sarwar-i-Goya.
According to another report, radio-broadcasting was begun in 1304 (1925) with importing of two small units.
As it was mentioned before Atawullah who was sent to Germany for learning about radio technics, after gaining expertise from Germany returned home along with some German advisors.
Small 200-Kw machines were installed in Koti Londoni that were covering 360 m wave and enjoying from two 25m antenna. To be concluded

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