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Qatar takes Taliban side & cancels intra-Afghan dialogue

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Located in the Middle East, Qatar has provided a political office for the Taliban group and has hosted several peace meetings between US delegation and the group, but why the country has prevented from holding an intra-Afghan dialogue meeting between Afghan delegation and the Taliban group. This has created questions.
Afghanistan government has repeatedly shown preparations for peace talks with the Taliban, but rejected by the group.
Afghanistan government has prepared a 250-member list for intra-Afghan dialogue meeting set to be held on April 19 – 21. The government has fulfilled its responsibility and included representatives of all segments of Afghan society in the list for talks with the Taliban group.
First, Taliban has mocked the list and later Qatar cancelled the intra-Afghan dialogue without consultation with Afghanistan government. Qatar somehow took the Taliban side and disrespect the will and determination of Afghanistan government and its people for peace in the country.
Afghanistan government in a statement issued on Friday said the government and the people of Afghanistan are committed to achieving a dignified peace and will continue their sincere efforts in this respect.
“After all preparations for the departure of the delegates was finalized, a new list of participants was sent to the government from Qatar which was in contradiction with the will and determination of the people of Afghanistan and was a disgrace,” the statement added.
The statement further said that a group of politicians in a joint meeting agreed that the act by the Qatari government was not acceptable and they decided to ask the Qatari government to allow the attendance of the Afghan delegation selected by Afghanistan.
“As far as the government of Qatar could not practice our legitimate suggestion, the Doha conference was canceled,” the statement added.
In such a critical situation facing Afghanistan peace process, Qatar should respect the will and determination of Afghanistan government for peace in the country.
The country has not kept its impartiality, instead it took the Taliban side and cancelled the scheduled intra-Afghan dialogue. It seems that Qatar is not honestly cooperating in connection with Afghanistan peace process as the country played a political game related to hosting the intra-Afghan dialogue and disrespected the will and decision of Afghanistan government regarding peace and stability in the country.
Qatari government is apparently showing that it is supporting Afghanistan government and playing a role of mediation in Afghanistan peace process, but unfortunately it is supporting the Taliban group and with close coordination of Pakistan wants to play double role in Afghanistan peace process.
It is said that Taliban and Pakistan were behind cancellation of the intra-Afghan dialogue in Qatar. Either side is trying to somehow weaken the Islamic republic of Afghanistan by using all means. Meanwhile, former president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai has said in a statement that Qatari government has cancelled the Doha meeting, but another Afghan delegation will participate in next Doha meeting.
The government of Afghanistan will definitely react over the meeting which will be attended by another Afghan delegation as the government had prepared a unified delegation to represent the government and people of Afghanistan. If a number of political figures participate in a meeting with the Taliban group without consultation of Afghanistan government and people, the meeting will be ineffective and will end without any positive result.

Ustad Abdul Latif al Fazli

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