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Punishment of terrorists only way to reduce militancy

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The National Directorate of Security (NDS) has reported arrest of the most dangerous members of IS terror network in Kabul city. Based on NDS press release on September 12, the arrested terrorists confessed that were involved and collaborated in 29 terrorist attacks including attack on Imam Zaman mosque, attack on members and followers of Enlighten Movement, attack on cadets of Marshal Faheem National Military Academy, rocket attack on Kabul city specially on the presidential palace on the day of Eid al-Fetr, attack on Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan 400-bed military hospital and attack on mourners in Karte-e-Sakhi….etc.

All those factors indicate extensive presence of relevant circles and individuals of terrorist groups and their reactions towards implementation of their subversive activities in one hand and effective efforts and endeavors and fruitful work of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) for identification and arrest of insurgents on the other.

It indicates that ANDSF are not indifferent and careless on enemies’ activities or ignore presence and activities of enemies, but continually follow, trap and suppress them and spare no efforts in this direction. Cordon and search operations of ANDSF for identification and elimination of terrorists’ secret hideouts in the vicinity of capital Kabul is a testimony to our claim.

A similar operation was organized two nights ago in PD-17, Kabul city and as a result two IS-terrorists were eliminated and several others including a Pakistani woman injured and detained.

Now Kabul inhabitants ask ANDSF as well as Legal and Judicial authorities to prosecute and trial the arrested insurgents immediately, sentence and punish them according to law so to be a lesson to other criminals and terrorists.

Implementation of law and justice on terrorists and criminals and murderers of innocent people causes satisfaction of people from ANDSF, legal and judicial branches, strengthens public confidence and trust to government.

Implementation of justice and principle of punishment and reward is a means that improve sovereignty of the system and people trust. Implementation of this principle gives this lesson to criminals and terrorists that no oppressive action remains with no answer and everybody would be accountable to law and justice and the rights of victims should be restored.         

To sum up, politicizing law is not an appropriate strategy for combating crime, including terrorist issue. However, legislating policy and approving a law parallel in form and nature will ensure the rights and freedoms of citizens and reduce militancy.

To combat terrorism and prevent from civilian casualties and suicide attacks, Afghanistan is also in need of adjusting the law about terrorist issues. It is worth saying that only approving law will not reduce the challenges but it must be enforced properly and all the citizens should be dealt equally.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.