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Public support of govt’s development programs essential


After nearly forty years of bloodshed and continued war, the people of Afghanistan desire peace and stability in their country. Peace is what they wish to gift their coming generations. But hate-mongers, criminals, extremist groups and problems such as corruption and poverty that hinder Afghans’ way forward, have grabbed Afghanistan like never before.
To come out of such a condition, people have a vital role to play. At the crucial juncture where Afghanistan is standing today, the Afghan government trying to strengthen voices that are raised against extremism, terrorism, lack of justice, nepotism, corruption and other such issues. Without public support, it would be difficult for the government to triumph over growing insurgency and other critical issues.
During his provincial trips which is usually aimed at inauguration of development programs, the president is being widely welcomed and supported. Those tired of war and bloodshed and willing peace and stability in their country have always drummed up support to government’s development programs.
Meanwhile President Ghani has assured Afghan nation that his government will spare no effort to bring about essential facilities for the citizens.During his recent trip to Badghis province, President Ghani assured youth that government has already paved the way for their recruitment and that the current system was committed to youthfulness.
The president has also asked tribal elders and local officials to cooperate with government in providing security to development projects, so that a safe and sound environment to be established for the upcoming generations. As per President’s saying government would not succeed in achieving its strategic and development goals sans people’s direct cooperation.
Besides to this, it is time for some countries with negative mindset toward Afghanistan to change their policies toward this land and think about regional cooperation and regional co-existence for the future of this region and the future of Asia. They are required to give up supporting of militants and terrorist groupings that aiming to bring about disunity among Afghans and to destabilize the region.
By being together and supporting each other, Afghanistan and its neighbors can turn Asia into a land of opportunities for the rest of the world and turn Asia into an economic giant in the world. Government of National Unity’s economic policies led by President Ghani and Dr. Abdullah will turn Afghanistan into a land of opportunities for the region and the world. 
Thousands of schools, bridges, roads, hospitals and other infrastructures were destroyed by the enemy of Afghanistan over the past 17 years.  Thousands of civilians were martyred or wounded by the enemy of Afghanistan over this period of time. In addition, the enemy has forced to close down hundreds of schools in this country and martyred, wounded or attacked and kidnapped many school teachers and students in an attempt to harm the education in Afghanistan and prevent development.
Now it is time for the Afghan masses to spare no effort in supporting their government and security forces, as they are the only legitimate forces that trying their bests to provide security, stability and implement development projects in the country.
Since the Islamic world condemned the ongoing war against the Afghan people, it is mandatory for all inhabitants to cooperate with their government in foiling enemies’ plan and establish an environment that granteefuture of the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.