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Public mobilization needed to curb, decrease illiteracy, CE Dr. Abdullah

در مراسم گرامی داشت از روز بین المللی سواد مطرح شد «بی سوادی» عامل اصلی بازماندن افغانستان از کاروان پیشرفت و توسعه بوده است 6
CE Abdullah addressing “International Literacy Day” ceremony

KABUL: Addressing a gathering to mark “International Literacy Day”, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah stressed on public mobilization to curb and decrease illiteracy in Afghanistan, CE office said in a statement on Tuesday.
According to the statement, during the ceremony, Acting Minister of Education Dr. Mirwais Balkhi said lack of literacy has been the main factor caused Afghanistan’s backwardness and hindered social changes.
He stressed that the government of national unity and ministry of education have organized “Literacy Movement” to decrease illiteracy rate in the society. Stating that currently 3.7 million children are deprived of education, acting minister of education said we were making effort to prepare the ground for their school attendance. Furthermore, CE Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said marking “Literacy Day” was important to Afghanistan more than other countries.
He added Afghanistan has remained backward from the development caravan and “Illiteracy” has been one of the main factors.
Pointing at education’s importance from the view point of Islam, CE Abdullah said revelation started by the word “Read” that shows the significance of education in holy religion of Islam.
Holy Quran has had the biggest message to humanity, he went on to say.
But today, there are many groups operating under the name of Islam, but they hinder citizens to educate, he added.
Lauding the education ministry colleagues, CE Abdullah said the government of national unity has had good achievement in the field of literacy, but still a long way remained to reach our goals.
CE Abdullah thanked Japan, Sweden, Finland, South Korea and UNESCO for their assistances in term of literacy.
He said investment in the field of education meant attention to the biggest humanity value.
Stressing on general mobilization to curb and decrease illiteracy, CE Abdullah asked international organizations, civil society, religious scholars, and private sector to take part in the respect.
He said learning was the basic right of people and no group has the right to prevent people from education, adding those who impose illiteracy and ignorance burden on people, are committing greatest humanity crime and would be responsible before Allah the Almighty and people.
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