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Public interests should be a top priority

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In the wake of releasing of final results of September 28 presidential elections by the Afghanistan Independent Election Commission, some electoral teams reacted in a way that further deteriorated and implicated the country’s situations that may create problems and challenges as well as would damage the country’s political stability and leave behind unpleasant impacts on different fields. It is certainly in contradiction and confrontation with our public lofty interests.
Public interests require each electoral team and every citizen to take care of their action and reaction and don’t allow them to jeopardize and threat the people’s general interests. Electoral teams and citizens should express their protests and objections and demands peacefully and lawfully that don’t cause instability, otherwise ongoing reactions and unlawful demands damage the country’s security, pave the way for abuse of armed opponents of the system and would enable them to exploit the situation in their benefit, as well as would further target public interests of the Afghan people.
No doubt internal differences of the political parties and politicians in the republic territory and under the umbrella of the constitution is in the benefit of opponents of the system and pave the way for their misusing of the socio, economic and political situation. Currently the above situation is not desirable too, and each sector has its own particular challenges that threaten our survival. In economic field, poverty scope has been expanding day by day due to reduction of investment for lack of confidence to situation and disbelieve to continuation of stability and security and restrictions of employment opportunities.
In political field, the situation is more fragile than ever, positive interaction and convergence among groups and parties have reduced and political parties stand against each other and make mutual negative propaganda.
Confrontation of politicians and their negative approach leave unpleasant impacts on society and caused polarizations among social strata. The disputing teams and parties should settle their difference and demands through lawful channels and recognized mechanisms and don’t allow reactions to appear and complicate the situations further.
All the involved parties should prioritize national interests and don’t prefer their temporary private factional interests. National interests of Afghan people must not be jeopardized. Otherwise the enemies will take advantage of it.
Currently, Afghanistan needs national unanimity more than ever before. It is believed that there are many hands working behind the scenes to stoke sectarianism and split the nation. Why the militant groups seek to channel public attention to the differences? It is not an impromptu incident but a preplanned and systematic decision that has been mapped out by masterminds and the militants are the vehicle for carrying out their plans.
Perhaps, there are also some who muddy the water through touching sore points or spreading propaganda in cyberspace just to create a national gap. Afghan nation should be on the alert for this issue and uphold national unity in the best possible way so as to live in peace and harmony and best utilize the opportunity of the reduction of violence for the sake of durable peace and stability in the country.

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