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Providing internet facilities in education bodies

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By: Shukria Kohistani

Radio Azadi plans to provide internet and free of charge of WIFI in three recreational sections and two Kabul universities for students and local residents. These services will be available in Kabul University central library, boys and girls’ dormitories, Education University, Bagh-e-Babur and Microrayan women’s garden.
A MoU on supply of free of charge Wifi was recently signed among officials of Radio Azadi, Kabul University, Education University and Kabul Municipality.
Addressing the signing ceremony of the MoU, Chancellor of Kabul University, Hamidullah Farooqi said, “These services will solve many problems of students of Kabul university”.
He added this step can help us a lot and solve problems of libraries, dormitories and a number of other sections and enable the students to work on their expertise sections. Chancellor of Kabul University promised to name a part in which Radio Azadi intends to install internet and Wifi as “Liberty Park”.
Director of Radio Azadi, Sami Mahdi said, “This step will be implemented soon and its goals include student’s capacity building and providing of learning facilities. Internet importance is increasing and it is very important for scientific researchers and social networks. Internet users include millions people in Afghanistan and its high cost is a big obstacle ahead of its progress in our country”.
Large number of lecturers and professors supported this step and said that fortunately today a number of domestic universities have been connected with other countries through internet and lecturers managed to make business with world universities.
Calling access to internet an important and essential principal, Sanam a student of Education University said, “In current circumstances, we can have access to internet through Wifi free of charge and get our needed chapters. Every student can research through internet and prepare his/ her monograph”. She added, free of charge internet help students to collect information quickly, because students have no incomes.
Zuhal another student said, “I am very happy for free of charge access to internet services. Students manage to carry out their seminars, assignments and scientific researches better”.
Radio Azadi is expected to provide similar facilities in Kabul airport and other departments and locations. According to officials of the MoCIT, at present over 9700000 people have access to internet in Afghanistan and this number is increasing on daily basis.

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