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Protection of current political system & achievements key in peace talks

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By: Lailuma Noori

One of the key issues to be discussed in intra-Afghan talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban is the protection of current political system (republic) and achievements of the past 19 years.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in his recent remarks has said that there is fully determination and will for maintaining peace in the country.
“Nobody can take the republic frame and rights of citizens from us as they are the values from our youth and women proudly defend; therefore, no compromise can ignore these two principles,” President Ghani added.
The republic system debated against Taliban’s Emirate-e-Islamic and asked by Afghan people is a system in which the rights of all human beings regardless of gender, tribal, language and religion are protected and all citizens can live equally without any discrimination.
In this system, freedom of individual, freedom of expression, human rights, women rights and other human values are equal in accordance to the law. Nobody can be deprived from any rights for their nationality, religion and gender. In fact, the republic system can guarantee freedom of expression, observe human rights and guarantee a democratic society.
The issue of protection of the republic system and rights of citizens comes after intra-Afghan talks started between Afghanistan government and Taliban on 12 Sep in Qatar. Recent remarks of members of the Taliban have shown that the group is stressing on Emirate-e-Islami type of system and does not recognize the rights of citizens at all.
The Taliban’s position in connection with the two respective issues is concerning and can endanger the ongoing peace process. Besides, the issue is considered as a threat towards the current political system as well as rights of citizens and their achievements, rule of law, the country’s constitution, social and political justice, freedom of expression and rights of minorities in the country.
Evidence shows that Taliban has not changed particularly in connection with the political system, rights of citizens, women rights and other issues as head of Taliban political office in Qatar Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in his recent interview with the PBS TV has insisted that no change has seen in thoughts of the Taliban since 2001, saying that Taliban would accept what Islam has given rights to women.
The evidence has also shown that the Taliban strategy is to revive the Emirate e Islami, which is not acceptable by the Afghanistan government and its people. Freedom of expression within the Emirate – e Islamic is not considered as a value and principal right of citizens. Meanwhile, Taliban does not accept the Jafari Jurisprudence, meaning that the group wants to ignore a big part of Afghan society. Now, it is the responsibility of Afghanistan negotiating team to discuss all issues with the Taliban side and fully defend the protection of the republic system, rights of citizens, civil society organizations, ANDSF, freedom of media, activities of political parties and women supporting agencies and freedom of expression in talks with the Taliban group.


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