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Protection and development of forests a national responsibility

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By: Masouda Qarizada

Forests are native and natural properties of every country and people, government and relevant bodies have even responsibility in their protection and development. According to experts, ecologists distinguished forests advantages like adjustment of climate, control of shallow waters and enriching of underground waters, protection and production of soil, production of drugs, industrial products and ecotourism.
Agronomist and forestation expert Shujaulhaq Noori said, according to public opinion forest is a pleasant atmosphere for tourism and according to many inhabitants in the vicinity of a forest, it’s a place or location to create an income and support a family. Forests enjoy scientific, economic and touristic importance and values.
Based on their experiences, the developed countries have realized forests’ importance and have been making efforts for their qualitative and quantitative importance.
Noori went on to say, 60pc oxygen in the world is produced by plant cover. Based on some estimations, every hectar of forest is capable to release 2.5 tonne oxygen annually (the need of 10 peoples for a year) beside absorption of carbon gas.
Reduction of audio contamination, absorbing of dust and mist, absorbing of certain chemical gases and elimination of many bacteria, mono-cellular mushrooms and harmful insects are other advantages of forests. Afghanistan also has good forests with long backgrounds.
Like our many other native and natural assets, our forests have also not been secure due to multi-decades devastating conflicts.
As the main responsible body for protection and development of forests, the MoAIL in 1397 solar year has rehabilitated and protected an area of 320 hectar forests in Takhar, Logar, Herat, Samangan, Panjsher, Badghis, Kunar, Paktika and Dykondi provinces that include 120 hectar pistachios, 50 hectar Pine nut, 40 hectar almonds and 80 hectar walnuts. In 1397, 300000 walnut saplings and 50000 pine nuts saplings were produced and job facilities have been available for 7417 countrymen. The MoAIL has prepared a plan for Khost, Paktya, Paktika, Kunar, Laghman, Samangan and Logar provinces with a total cost of Afs 67 million.
In 1397, 119 forestery association established, 1076 nurseries of walnut, pine nut, pistachio in an area of 210 hectar lands. 10000 pine nut 10000 walnuts saplings were planted and 2180 cubic meters protective dams were constructed. Fire extinguishing equipments were supplied and 50 people were trained how to control fire in forests and extinguish them. 

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