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Proposal writing training program ends

18دلو 1397 آور کشا ب آگا هی دهی پروپوزل نو یسی به همکار ی کمپنی ویژن وهسته جوانا ن افغا نستا ن پابان یافت ع محمودشاه 7

KABUL: Proposal writing training program held by gender department of the ministry of information and culture and with cooperation of Vision Advisory and Serving Network and Core Young Entrepreneurs of Afghanistan ended the other day.
Yasir Mujadidi, head of Vision Advisory and Serving Network, briefed related to proposal writing, its types, body, format, sending, resources and ending.
At the end of the program, deputy minister of finance, administrative and tourism Sayeda Mojgan Mustafavi spoke and praised Core Young Entrepreneurs of Afghanistan and the vision organization for cooperating with department of gender in holding the program.
Mustafavi by recalling problems facing the country’s youth considered launching such training programs as valuable step towards enhancing the awareness of youth and employees of the MoIC.
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