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Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday; a message of peace

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Either in 12th or 17th Rabi-ul-Awal, under the Islamic lunar
calendar, the birthday of the Holy Prophet of Islam Moham
mad Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH) has happened to bring Muslim people around the globe to peace, unity and equality.
All birthday celebrations are to show love and affection, and also the followers of other messengers of Allah Almighty have grave affections to their apostils.
Christians are celebrating Christmas (Jesus birthday), while Muslims in many of the world Islamic countries annually celebrate the birthday of the Holy Prophet of Allah, Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH) within a public holiday.
Over 2.5 billion Muslims, worldwide, celebrate the birthday of the last messenger of Allah Almighty, Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, (PBUH) who is regarded a successor to Adam and other previous prophets of Allah, such as Abraham, Moses, Noah and Christ and for Muslims, this is a joyful celebration, to visit Masjids, beautify their houses with lights, wear colorful clothes, listen to the beautiful poetry about the Prophet, exchange gifts, eat delicious food and spend the week-long ceremony with joy and happiness.
Actually, the philosophy of Prophet Muhammad’s birth anniversary celebration was to help the entire Islamic umma united and bring a real equality among the believers of the Islamic faith and followers of the last messenger of God.
The birth of the holy prophet of Islam was not to oppose other religions and fight against them but strengthens relations in various area of politics, social, trade and culture, however those parties resorted to opposing and fighting Islamic religions, have been ordered to be resisted and even fought as the enemies, like other sects and rituals followers who are not ready to tolerate invasion and trespass from others.
In short, the Prophet Muhammad has come to eliminate all prejudice and division among the Muslim tribes and negated all preferences except those with virtues.
But as seen Muslims all over the world are divided and being undermined by malicious circles. They are killing each other on a daily basis, destroying government establishments, economic infrastructures and opposing all kinds of acceptable social behaviors.
In Afghanistan, a country, which has long suffered from war and insecurity, the main armed government oppositions are Taliban who are believing to have been working for the implementation of the Islamic religion.
But as clearly seen they are regularly committing serious crimes against human. They did not spare to kill women, children and elderlies and the young generation on false claims that they were working or spying for the government or foreigners.
The coming of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and its celebration would be a reminder to contemplate that all Muslims around the world including Sunni and Shiia are worshiping the same God, however through different messengers.
The message from the holy prophet is nothing except peace, love, tolerance and justice for the entire Muslim communities.
So, if they want to have Islamic faith strengthened and Islamic sharia applied and the orders of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were institutionalized in the country, they should lay down arms and unconditionally join peace process, take part in the renovation of their country and work for the prosperity of the people.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.