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Promotion of culture of book-reading, foreground of cultural development in the country

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23rd of April was the World Book Day. In 1995 UNESCO decided in Paris conference to nominate 23rd of April as International Day of Book and publishing right ever since this day has been celebrating in most countries of the world. This day is an opportunity so the governments, societies, civil bodies, cultural associations and citizens invite further attention to book and book reading.
Book has been recognized as the best friend and guide of mankind and with reading of book, individuals receive a different picture of the world and their environment. Book is a means for transferring of knowledge. Progresses of today’s world are largely indebted to book.
No society has accessed to progress and development without book and book-reading.
Despite of technological development and people vast access to internet and social media, book and book reading has not lost it position. In developed societies, book reading is part of daily schedule of individuals. Governments invest on expansion and promotion of culture of book reading and its institutionalization. Civil society and academic and social activists invite particular attention to promotion and improvement of book reading culture.
If we have a glance at the data on the number of libraries, book readers and book publishing, we see frankly that the highest data of publication belong to developed countries and these countries usually consider cultural promotion as the biggest component of their general development and made huge investment in this field.
As the biggest economic and superpower of todays world. The US has anticipated the world countries. China, Russia, Germany, UK, Spain, according to number of their libraries, high data of book reading and publication are in subsequent row. Based on a research in 2001, only in Philadelphia state of the US, 13 titles of books are available for every child. But according to recent data, China is in the first row of book production and publication and the US is in second row.
In developed countries, big libraries are available in all their cities. Libraries of European cities are the biggest and richest in the world. In developed world, book reading is part of schools educational curriculum. For instance, in the US educational curriculum, 20 minutes have been allocated every day for this purpose.
This situation is disastrous in our country. Despite of its rich cultural background, our country is in a pitiful cultural situation Ghazni, Balkh, Herat had been popular in the remote past due to availability of libraries, poets and writers. But today only few cities and provinces own libraries. Shortage and even lack of library in most provinces, indicate situation of book reading in the country.
Kabul book sellers use a common proverb: rich people don’t buy book and poors don’t afford to buy book.
Particular investment and attention should take place on cultural-academic development. The ministry of education should focus attention on promotion of book reading culture among students.
Book reading should be including the schools curriculum.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.