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Projects worth billions of Afs being put into operation: President Ghani 

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani attended a series of entitled “One Hundred Days – One Hundred Good News” in the program of the Week of Urban Road Improvement and Inauguration of Projects of the Ministry of Public Works, a statement from the Presidential Press Office said Tuesday.
The ceremony, which was held at the Chahar Chinar Palace, was attended by the First Vice President and a number of cabinet members and the House of People, first, Dr. Fazel Mahmoud Fazly, Director General of the Administrative Office of the president, said the president’s guidance and attention to the framework of balanced progress, the program of one hundred days – one hundred good news, which began with the opening of Kamal Khan Dam, will continue for twelve weeks, throughout the country, the statement quoted.
According to him, today the projects will be completed by the Ministry of Public Works, Kabul Municipality and the Capital Zone Development Authority at the cost of 25.4 billion Afs as well as 28 different more projects will be inaugurated.
While congratulating his compatriots on the inauguration of these projects, President Ghani said: “It is a matter of pleasure that today projects worth billions of Afs are being put into operation.”
The president thanked the people unprecedented good wishes for his recovery after a surgery operation at the Shaheed Mohammad Daud Khan Hospital, and thanked the doctors for their principled, professional and successful treatment, the statement quoted.
President Ghani instructed the first vice president for arranging a guidance plan that will equip the Shaheed Mohammad Daud Khan Hospital for the basic treatment of the security and defense forces and turn it into a first-class hospital. While emphasizing the protection and supervision of projects, the President instructed the Ministry of Transport to seriously monitor trucks, as well as the Ministry of Urban Development and Lands to pay serious attention to land acquisition.
The President praised the private sector’s advice on the roads and said that we should reach a conclusion with the transporters regarding the standards, as the roads do not resist higher and overloaded weights.
He also told the Minister of Public Works that he wanted good quality and lower costs for the construction of the roads, the statement qouted.
President Ghani stressed that balanced development is important not only in the provinces, but also in areas of Kabul that have not been addressed in the past.
He also praised the attention of the First Vice President, Governor and Mayor of Kabul in preventing land grabbing and balanced development.
The President said that serious attention is paid to the security and development of deprived districts and instead of transferring garbage to Gazak area, paying serious attention to the development and greenery of Khak Jabbar district, was a must.
President Ghani said that the ground should be paved for investment and Sayyad region should be turned into a recreational area and a clear plan and deadline should be prepared for it, according to the statement.
“Peace is imminent, but we must pay serious attention to development projects and secure Afghanistan’s future,” the president concluded.

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