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Problems of Kabul recreational parks


Existence of green recreational parks is one of the important requirements of Kabul citizens. People and their families need to go parks on holidays for relaxing and recreation, sit together and enjoy their off days. Entertainment parks cause beauty of the city and prevent increasing pollution and dust.
Forests and green environment help modulation of weather and decrease gravity of summer hot.
But the Kabul city is facing shortage of entertainment parks that has caused numerous environmental problems. Although in the last few years, some works have taken place for construction of recreational parks in Kabul, and huge amounts have been invested but unfortunately due to certain reasons these parks have been destroyed and have been changed to accommodation of animals or vagrants or vagabonds or drug addicts and lack proper places for family picnics. The rest have certain problems, challenges as the first one is shortage of garbage bins although some parks have few garbage bins which are often filled with wastes.

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The visitors conveniently throw their garbages under the trees, flower beds or drainages. Shortage of garbage bins has caused increase of garbages and trashes in parks.
Lack or shortage of water is another urgent problem while its an essential element of life and cleanliness. In entertainment parks of populated city of Kabul water is sold in high prices.
The families who go for picnics are often face lack of water for washing of dishes, vegetables and fruits. Even drinking water is not available in parks and people have to purchase it in high prices. Toilets are also not available, if they are, they lack basins and people have to pay to use toilets. If a big family go to park and stay there for many hours, they have to pay a lot of money.
Shortage or lack of power is another dire problem specially during nights.
Lack of proper culture of sue of parks by people is one of the most important problems and challenges in parks. Most people cause destruction of park facilities and don’t take care trees, flowers, benches, gutters. They throw garbages on the lawns or sidewalks, create hue and cry disorder and their children break branches of trees and flowers and saplings. All these problems are due to lack of a proper culture.
Permanent presence of addicts and vagabonds is another problem who sometimes disturb people and their families. With presence of these addicts families cannot be relaxed in parks. A number of families refuse to go parks due to these reasons.
Carelessness of officials incharge is the next problem and most trees, flowers, grasses have been dried due to lack of water for irrigation purposes. No one cut branches of trees, flowers and saplings during spring season and they don’t grow well.
Privatization of parks has been the most important reason behind appearing of problem and challenges. The contracting companies, calculate only their benefit and don’t care of the beauty of the parks. They only make marketing to take money from people even in some parks, their in-charges forbid taking food etc inside in order to sell their own food in high prices to visiting families.
All abovementioned problems require serious attention of the government and municipality authorities.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.